Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011

ten things.

1. I'm extremely excited about going to see Breaking Dawn Monday.
2.  I'm absolutely loving this weather.
3. It is thanksgiving break! <3
4. Ex boyfriends are stupid...
5. I miss the summer.. /:
6. I am ready for May, to have my license. I'm sick of having a permit and a car.. but no license. 
7. Disney Channel has gotten so retarded... hahh just saying. i miss the shows from when i was younger.
8. I miss youu.....<//3
9. I hate when people just yell.. really uneccessary. 
10. Thank goodness, cuz i have nothing else to say.

Friday, October 14, 2011

well... the person that makes me the absolute happiest,also makes me the maddest, and saddest..
how ironic.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

DANGIT. why do i like you so much
.there is nothing special about him, katelyn.
 he's not that big of a deal. you can do better...ha yeah right i wish. 
this boy told me to fall for him cuz he wouldn't hurt me, cuz i've been hurt in the past. he said i couldn't be worried that he was gonna be like any past guys ive talked to, that broke my heartt. . wow what a lie. thanks pal. 
PLEASE let things work out tomorrow, please. please please.. i just want to dance with him or kiss him or hug him or talk to him and it be sweet and for us just to be great.  oh my gosh,  i want that so bad. he is so great. except all my friends hate him.... but i love that boy! pleasepleaseplease let things work out otomorrow. oh gah, please. im begging, how desperate.... 
if things aren't gonna work out.. i just at least want to get over him. to forget about him and not hurt and not cry. tomorrow will determine what happens. 

people i love...

i just wanted to write how muchh i love two people . i'll do more people on different dayss but today...

Autumn Weaver.
ohmygosh. this girl.she's my besttt* friend...she's the best of the best.  we just really got to know eachother this yearr, but she's real greatt. we are just alike. "reaal desperate". hahaa, we've been hanging out almost everydayy. we are going through the same situations**. weirdo people, especially guys, talk to us when we're together. they love us(::(:: it's real...interesting.  she's gorgeous, hilarious, sweet, creative and ahhmazing.
iloveyouautumnbottom,ab,and my shawtyyy awtyy. haa i just made that up(;

Taylor Green.
OHLORDDD. so we started being best friends in ninth grade. we were always together.we have so many insiders
*gravy and mashed potatoes, bi guy,  no butt, LESBIAN SMILE :] * haa. you never judge me no matter what i do,
ALL THE MIXED BOYS IN THE WORLD. what a great song we wrote. anyway, i love you dearlyy.

noww we got the whole stadium in lovee..(:

the best love song. 
pure amazingness*.
me and autumn listened to it about 30 times yesterdayy.
no lie bayyy(:
yesterday... was great.
a half day at school.
and after we got out, me and autumnnn hung outt. (:
andd... a lot* of stuff happened yesterdayy. we saw a lot of people. a lot.
and we made our splatter paint shirts for blackoutt tomorrow!! I'm real excited.

things are getting a lot better. i'm hoping tomorrow at blackout things will go back to the way they used to be, but if they dont then oh well... :'( haaa...real desperate.

i'm in english.. this does not make my dayy. i'm a loner in here, forreal. oh well, too badd.