Thursday, March 31, 2011

this sucks.

plan failed. today was not too good of a day, like i was so sure i was gonna make it be..
 well, at the beginning of the dayy, it actually started pretty good. I felt a little bit better about the situation**. And then me and nadine protesteddd for keeping our principal coachh stratton. that was fun/kinda lame. and we are prolly getting written up, but WUDDEVER, it was worthh it. I went to first period. I'm kind of got into an argument with one of my friends, okay my only friend, in that class. she was ticked off because i went to the protest and wasn't there with her. yeahhh.... well okayy, whatevss. So second period was good too, because i'm funnyyy in that class. i even make myself laughh(: haha. and plus my candy fantasylandscape is comin along prettyy good.  third period all we did was talk about the whole coach stratton thing and compared it to..... stuff that happened in history.. fourth period me and cailon presented our commercial for the extreme automatic clothes folder dryer 101. fifth period was lovely as always with jeannie and amber. sixth period is where my dayy when downhill fast. I reallyy hate being ignored and just purposely not talked to..yeah enough said. i really hung out withh no one person, i just kinda drifted around. i really felt un wanted today. Except when i told meridan "HEY MY ONION WATER BOTTLE!" when she came up to me when i was talking to some people. one of them happens to be her ex boyfriend, who tried to date me. He has this issueee. one day he'll be all "hey... i like you. meet me before school/this weekend?" the next day he'll straight up ignore me!! right now he's in his ignoring me stage, and the few times we did talk, it wasn't too friendly. ANYWAYYY. me and meridan call him onion water bottle.... i don't remember where onion part came from, even though we made it up yesterday, but water bottle, cuz he needs a dang water bottle. after every period he's sucking up water from the dang water fountain! hahaha. and when you pass him going to your class (meridan sees him before first, and i see him before third and eighth.) it creates AWKWARD moments!! SUPER AWK. yeahh. but when i called her that, she busted out laughing. and said she lovess me. i am loved.(: i got a lot of "ginger" comments. jealous people. hahaha. anywayyy....yeahh.
 he*(not onion water bottle...) and I didn't talk too much today. I didn't like it. at all. he called me over to walk with him and his friends on the way to seventh period, but we still didn't talk much. Seventh period i just wanted to go home. we disected. BLEH. Eighth period was entertaining. this junior dude made me laughh my butt off. he's funny as heckk. after eighth period i just wanted to get home ASAP. Yeahh. I went outside and listened to my ipod. 
i hope today just gets a tad bit better. if it getss worse...ughh.
i'm dressingg upp crutee tomorrow. <3 
this is long enough.
thanksss for anyone that cares 'nuff to read all this. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


i don't wanna sound emo but....

sometimess, like nights like this, i feel like Nadine Judeh is the onlyy one who actually cares.
maybe its not true, there are others.
but she's the only one i can actually talk to right now and be fully 100% honest. she lets me do my thing, but no matter what i do, she'll back me up.

I just got off the phone with her.
she made things better.
i love you <3

im gonna make it a good day no matter what.
forget the haters and the people that don't give a crapp if i'm in their life or not(ouch harsh.)

we'll see how the rest of the night playss out.

im updating myy blog alot, i know.
but yeahh whatevaaa. im listening to love like woe and straightening my hair.

one word can describe everything right now.


sayy goodbye to my heart tonightt.

do you ever just want to straight out tell someone...
i had a moment like that today.
i kept my mouthh shut.
that is all.
we have like....forty five minutes left in school.
soo yeahh.
ps. myy favorite people of the day are nadine, jeannie, and amber <3  

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

random song lyrics of the day. breakeven.

what am i supposed to sayy when im all choked up and you're okayy... 

 yeahh.. that's all i really have to say today. today was overall a good day. i could overwhelm this blog with extreme details, but im not gonna do that. tomorrow is a half day.

Monday, March 28, 2011


we're smiling when we're close to tears.
even after all these years, we've just now got the feeling like we're meetingg...
for the first time.
this is from the song first time.
its by the script.
i love this line of the song.
its of the only reasons i actually listen to the song haha.
i reallyy thinkk it's sweet.
^im cute haha.
i just  feel like..venting. about everyone and everything.
i have some extra time.

i just want to sayyy.. i love my sister. 
she's 3 years younger than me. but we're super close. we wear the samee size mostly in clothes, and sharee alot. we tell eachother mostly* everything, and i really like hanging out, just like going to the mall, with her as much as i would one of my bestfriends. and i mean i was just thinking about how luckyy i am to have a sister like her, because alot of people don't have siblings, and if they do, they aren't around the same age. right now, i would probablyy be in my room, by myselfff.. but no. im sittingg here in my sister's room, watching her spray bleach on ants, trying to kill them all. she hates ants, and bees. i love herrr.

secondlyyy.. i'm honestlyyy...really,really happy to be single. i'm sorry, im just saying!  i am! its good to..get to know other people... yeahh... myy last relationship.. I mean, it was just like... it was good on the weekends. we got along great on the weekends. me and him... on fridays we'd usually go the movies or something... saturday we wouldn't talk much, and sundayy we would talk all day. And then on mondays-thursdays we'd just argue and not get along! then we'd always fix our arguments, and he'd apologize or whatever. and i mean, i did want us to work out! but this last monthh or so, i felt... :/ not right. And i felt bad that i had to break it off, because he wanted us to be together "forever". And i felt like i was more pressured into the relationship, because he said we would be together forever. i just don't think i'm ready to be in a relationship like that, where its that serious. I mean, down to the date we'd get married. sorryy, i'm not ready for that. me and him don't talk much anymore. i want us to be friends, i really do. we'll text occasionally, its pretty dangg awkward.. but we will. in person, we avoid eachother completely. I hope it changesss, i want to be able to be like HAAYY and talkk and stuff, like i do to my other guy friends. but... i really don't think that will happen, at least anytime soon.

thirdlyy.... people need to understand something about me if theyy are going to have a friendship, or relationship with me. i'm emotional. I  can sometimes get mad easily. I got mad at...the most recenttt.. ex boyfriend... a lot. i mean..ALOT. i mean, like, i've never just gotten mad at people that muchh, i don't know whyy it was just him;; like i wanted to get mad at him!  it was just little things that got on my nerves.  I got un-mad pretty easily. but still. and i can be sensitive, my feelings can kinda get hurt easily; and sometimes i cry alot. but that's just me. i'm thankful for taylor louise green, who can make me laugh and feel better about any situation. and madeline. and sometimes even elijah. those are the people that understand me, and know how i act, and how i'm gonna be emotional sometimes. and i'm really thankful for themmm. and i'm also thankful for nadine danielleee. she lets me talk myy mouthh off about anything and everything, she understands sometimes i just need to vent!! she's really good about just listening, and not judging, or cutting me off and lecturing. i mean, sometimes instead of advice, i just want people to listen, and actually listen! and she's my bestfriend that does that 100%, and you know she doesn't judge people.  soo yeahh. love them <3

 fourthlyy... this is long. i'm ready for tomorrow. logan will be outta iss, FINALLYYYYYY,  and i'll actually get to walkk with him and see him during the dayy. soo yayy(:   i've missed dat boi. 

yeahh. byee<33 

Friday, March 25, 2011

something random that brightens myy day up(:

And this is why we're bestfriends.

10:11 AM me: HAHAHa i know right!
10:12 AM Taylor: why haven't i taken my backpack off yet? it's starting to hurt my back
10:14 AM me: wow you look like a nerd
  do you have any gum
10:15 AM im just sitting here texting your boyfriend
  dont worry i wont steal him
10:16 AM Taylor: wow thanks, and no, and i would kill u hahaa
10:17 AM me: please give me some
 Taylor: some wat???
 me: GUM
 Taylor: i don't have any

I don't know why. But I found this extremely funny. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

"foreverrr can neverr be long enough for me."(:

OH;; HI(:

So yeahh. I'm sitting here, talking to the lovelyy Sarah gunnells.
And the bestfriend, Meridan justice(:
andd just got backk from the parkk with logan.(:
Soo yeahh.
I wanna wear a dress.
me and logan were F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G! tonight!!
anywayy, I will write more tomorrow!! but I have to do somethinggg...important.
peace out girl scout ✇


im in homeroom withhh the ex boyfriend.

we are totally ignoring eachother.


but yeahh, I knew it would be.

we got report cards.
how fun.

yeahh. But I just got a request from logan ehren.
he wants me to blog about him.
soo yeahh.
I loverss him.
hes my favoritee.
and hopefullyyy im gonna see him tonight.
and yeahh. i hope his hand feels betterrr(: cuz it was lookin kinda gross on the pictures on facebook.

Monday, March 21, 2011

go insane, go insane throw some glitter make it rain on em(:

im doinggg this lovely post for two reasons.

a. because i'm all alone in family dynamics. lauren is not here. and so im all alone. and lonely. and it shall be like this until wednesday. 

b. logan ehren is lame! and he likes to make fun of my toms, and also when i wear my converse.  he also doesn't like my blog. I'm letting everyonee know about your mean-ness. <33 

Goodbyee <33 

and omg...
pretty little liars tonight YAYY. last episode.
and keegan allen....and ashley benson...neither would retweet my tweet! what the freak.

welp xoxoxoxoxo.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

because i was being a nerd.

and my eye makeup looked good. <3

Lauren Paige and Katelyn Mackenzie. ((:

just our little conversation. NBD.

Lauren: are you writing me an e-mail?
 me: yepp! almost done!
10:36 PM its sent!
10:37 PM enjoy
  bone appeteit
 Lauren: umm.. i don't like bananas
 me: ExcusE Me?!?!?!!?
  I dont like apples
  they make my teeth hurt
10:38 PM Lauren: your big bucky teeth.
 me: read the story you alien head
10:41 PM Lauren: .. that was magical.
 me: What was your favorite part?!
10:43 PM Lauren: i am back online.
 me: Oh my lord.
  what was your favorite part
 Lauren: my favorite part....
10:44 PM was the shutting of your window by Madeline, and how you said you almost suffocated by.......(this part was blanked out to protect the identity of some people.)
 me: bahahaha. window shutting, really?
  and i was about to die.
  like seriously.
 Lauren: yah, well get over it.
10:45 PM 
 Lauren: I also enjoyed the part with (two guys names here) too.
 me: HAHAHA.
 Lauren: but not as much as the others.
  then it would burn his esophagus.
  and pharynx.
  and larynx.
 me: It would make his pharynx nice and cozy.
10:46 PM like his own personal fire.
 Lauren: then we wouldn't have to listen to his nasally voice ever again.
 me: haha, you told me MY VOICE WAS NASALLY
  me and him can sing nichole3337 songs together in our nasaly voices
10:47 PM Lauren: no. your voice is country and nasally. his is NASALLY AND GHETTO.
  so it's like ghetasily.
10:48 PM me: MY VOICE IS NOT COUNTRY EXCEPT FOR WHEN I SAY THANK YEWW! and when he talks ghetasily, Im like your cutesy. NOT.
  But see heres the thing.
 Lauren: I DON'T CARE.
  it's like :{D
  that was a fail.
10:49 PM me: : { )
  its like that
 Lauren: YES.
 me: its like a delicate little critter
 Lauren:'s like he has a dead animal on his lip.
10:50 PM me: EXACTLY. i saw a picture of him from like a year ago. no mustache and longerish hair.
  thats kinda cute.\
  and if he would lose his ATTITUDE
10:51 PM Lauren: .
  (name here)
10:52 PM is.
 me: I
  guess what?
  im on mikini dot com. its a customizable bikini builder.
 Lauren: WOW.
10:53 PM me: I know! ima try to send you a PIC of mine!
  maybe i can even get some panty hose and boots to go with it
 Lauren: just send me duh link when you're done.
10:54 PM me: the top
  the bottom.
  now i will buildd you one bahaha
 Lauren: it's g-hetto.
 Lauren: gee-hetto.
10:55 PM make me one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10:56 PM me: this flatters you
10:57 PM Lauren: !!!!
 me: <3
 Lauren: I.
 me: I KNEW IT
10:58 PM Lauren: thank you so much.
 me: this kinda would be cute on you
  its kinda plain though
  i wanna be a professional bikini designer
10:59 PM Lauren: your store should be called..
 me: Cute Katelyn Cafe
 Lauren: ?
 me: wow i didnt realize how dumb that sounded.
  for a bikini store.
11:00 PM Lauren: took the words rite out of mi mouth.
i love youuu.<3 

we are who we turn it up.

last day of springbreak.
sad face.
not really.
im kinda ready to go back to school.
im a lot ready.
unfortunately, state testinggg;the english writing test wednesday.
im a little nervous.
lil bit.
just a little thoughh(:
this weekend has been lovely.
love the weather; love my life <3
tonight, lifegroup at the ballard park.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

spring break. how fun??

Yeahh. We only have 4 more days left until the end of spring break. cool?? I kinda have an attitude right now, because im kinda upset/angry/disappointed about something, even though i should just let it go. we shall not elaborate on that, i'm going to focus on... positive things, and stuff thats been going on. 

Friday: Got home from school, cleaned, got my new converse, and Lori came over. Got in the car, drove and picked up Madeline's friend Alaina, and we went to the mall. Yes, I'm extremely bored, so i'm going to do what I did on my old blog again, and write all of the details. So, we went to the mall. wuttwut. Yeah, but only for a minute. and then, madeline & alaina went to build a bear. and I didn't get a new freakin phone. :( sad face. Positives. focus on the positives. well, we watched these awesome medieval sword fighters. it was disturbing, but very interesting. So, we went home, and watched the last exorcism and part of easy a. then we looked at my old scrapbooks of pictures of when i was a little girl. Then yeahh we went to sleep.

Saturday: Woke up. Just hung out for a little bit, and then we all went to d'casa and met my grandmother. not like met for the first time, just like met her there... me and l.p.o gave Luke GREAT* advice how to get/treat a girl. hahahahahahahahah. then we took Lori and Alaina home. After that, my grandmother took madeline shopping for her birthday. but i got some stuff too. (: Umm and got chickfila icecream.

Sunday: I don't rememberr anything reallyy important. Or fascinating. So we'll skip that day.

Monday: happy birthday madeline.(: we just did little birthday festivities, and i cooked some rice. once again, nothing amazing.

Tuesday: Dont remember that either...Wait.... no i don't. 

Wednesday: Was that yesterdayy?? WELL, I went and hung out with Kara and Ashley. we went to da mall, and tried on prom dresses <3 <3 as always. that is our TRADITION. some people are TRADITION STEALERS of our tradition. hahaha, no names mentioned.

Today: ...................... hopefully this day will get better. im babysitting tonight. $$$$$$$$ 

Friday, March 11, 2011

exams, random junkkk, and my sissyy(:

six exams down.
one exam left to go.
my human a&p test was unbelievably difficult.
everything else was pretty easy.
I just finished my world history test.
twenty minutes to the bell.
then i get to go to family dynamics, with lauren paige<3 hopefully we're working on our weddings(:
and also, tonight, nadine might be coming over(: my mom said i can have someone over to hang out and spend the night; go to the mall/movies/ eat whatever. So HOPEFULLY nadine danielle judeh can come((:
soo let's see. im bored. and i want to write alot.
last night i went to the mall.... yeah how cool right! I got some shirts(:
haha...and right now im wearing meridans converse(and she's wearing my purple toms) (: love emmm. i should be getting mine next week.
I feel like a piggg. im always eating in every single class. i eat peanut butter crackers everyday*(no lie, ask cailon;everyday.) in seventh period. YUM.
FIFTEEN More Minutes till da bell.
my computer is on 95% battery...awesome.
my bee eff eff taylor green is one row in front of me, to the right.
hey tayyyy.
lovely green shirt. and boots. your playing a gam in class. BAD GUH.
your elbow is on the world history book. that is RUDE. its just like putting your elbow on a table. learn some manners!!
soo.. i just checked my email.... and my lovely sister madeline  sent me an email.
btw...her birthday is in three days!!!!!!
13 years old baby!!(:
shes growing up so fast. andd ill be sixteen in may!
i rememberrr when we used to play barbies together for hours. that was pretty fun.<3
Anywayy, shes my little sister and i love her to deathh..and we borrow eachothers clothes a lot...and i'll do her makeup....and she'll help me straighten the back of my hair.
and we'll talk about guys..........and mean girls. and desperate girls. and the cutie seventh graders at her school.
but we'll also get in fights, and she'll kick me in the stomach, and i'll steal her hair curling gel, and we'll fight with chairs. but that's very rare.

we love eachother(:

Well, seven more minutes until the bell, so hasta livista. or however you spell it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


cuz our song is a slammin screen door
sneakin out late tappin on your window
when we're on the phone and ya talk reaaal slow.
cuz its late and your momma dont know.
our song is the way you laugh....
-taylor swift.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

just and stuff.

So hey(:
I haven't posted in a while, so I have to update a bit.
Tuesday George and I broke up. It was for the best.  I'm still kind of getting used to it, we were together for almost seven months. We aren't really friends right now, but I really hope that in the future we can be friends. We just really weren't meant to be a couple, I don't think. It was good(most of the time) while it lasted.
Thursday night, Kadie went with us to Luke's soccer game. We just ended up walking around, and petting ducks at the ballard park.
Today, Meridan came over, then we went to Demi Ivey's birthday party. That was fun, then we went back to my house, hung out for a while, and went to eat at D'casa. Then we took her home. It was a lot of fun, I loveee Meridan. And my family does too. :3 :3 :3
that's really all that's been going on. Next week is exam week, then spring breakkk. and so im just sitting here, waiting for logan to text me back. This week has been quite amazing.

favorite quotes of the weekkk.
"I hear it feels really good to get your eyeball licked."- logan ehren<3
"he just looks at you over his glasses! look through your glasses or get some contacts"- me and meridan<3
"our MEATY thighs."- me and lauren ostrander <3
"yall are such a cute couple!!"- nadine judeh ;) <3