Wednesday, March 30, 2011


i don't wanna sound emo but....

sometimess, like nights like this, i feel like Nadine Judeh is the onlyy one who actually cares.
maybe its not true, there are others.
but she's the only one i can actually talk to right now and be fully 100% honest. she lets me do my thing, but no matter what i do, she'll back me up.

I just got off the phone with her.
she made things better.
i love you <3

im gonna make it a good day no matter what.
forget the haters and the people that don't give a crapp if i'm in their life or not(ouch harsh.)

we'll see how the rest of the night playss out.

im updating myy blog alot, i know.
but yeahh whatevaaa. im listening to love like woe and straightening my hair.


  1. katelyn... the reason why your having all these problems is because you cute. (: your having all these problems because you HAVE A LIFE. unlike me... coughcough. iloveyou.

  2. bahaha, awww. and no, the reason you don't have these problems is cuzz you aren't boyy crazyy like i am;; your could have 20 boyfriends if you wanted to haha.