Friday, March 25, 2011

something random that brightens myy day up(:

And this is why we're bestfriends.

10:11 AM me: HAHAHa i know right!
10:12 AM Taylor: why haven't i taken my backpack off yet? it's starting to hurt my back
10:14 AM me: wow you look like a nerd
  do you have any gum
10:15 AM im just sitting here texting your boyfriend
  dont worry i wont steal him
10:16 AM Taylor: wow thanks, and no, and i would kill u hahaa
10:17 AM me: please give me some
 Taylor: some wat???
 me: GUM
 Taylor: i don't have any

I don't know why. But I found this extremely funny. 

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  1. At times you need serious help!!! lol but I wuv you I WILL NOT SAY LOVE