Saturday, April 30, 2011

"forget youu, and forget her too."

im happy.
everythings better.
im over himmm, juss sayin. he wasnt worth it.

Friday, April 29, 2011

im not at school. 
im at homeee. waiting for my dad to get home, then we can go to sports countryyy, and i can buy some t shirts.
there was no point in going to school todayyy. juss sayin.
ahh and drama rama ama has returned to school again, 
ill write more later. <3

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

freakin tornadoes that arent even gonna come.

Im so sickkk of being in a bathroom slash other room locked up, trapped, for a "TORNADO WARNING"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im with Lori
we're gonna stay hur till 3:15.



Tuesday, April 26, 2011

hey. :D
i'm lovin life right now.
state test tomorrow.
its cold in my room.
im about to get in bed and put on a movie.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

picturess are worth a thousand words. :3

jeannie. i love youu. you're tough, and can be pretty mean. i love you for that. you're bold. and i love your hair.<3 I was super happy that day, and you let me borrow yo lipgloss. (:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

somedayy i'll be livin in a big ole cityy and all you're ever gonna be is mean.

^^^Favorite song.
i'm in homeroom.
that's wassup.

i'm ready to go home.
it's thursday.
it's basically like fridayy. #lastdayofschool.
thank tha lord. 
so much drama.

well...i'll update more l8r. cuz i haven't really been updating lately..yeahh...byee. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ugh. nothings going right anymore. 
job interview tomorrow. joy. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

I dislike him with a strong passion.

My friends know who I'm talking bout.


Lunch in ten minutes.


I can't wait for tomorrow in first period so me and Lori can live On Our Own. We're roomates even though we live states away. we played MINI GOLF for $16. RIP OFF!! And im $800 in debt. NBD.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

HAHAHAHAHAHA Sorryy for you, school, I can still get on from my mac.
try ta block my blog. fail.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

im happy.

i'm actually, really just happy.
this has been a tough past couple of weeks.
But now i'm just.... I feel really good about a lot of things. 
I'm distancing myself away from people that aren't good friends to have. 
People that make me feel bad about myself. 

I'll still be nice to you...but we ain't best friends honeyyy.(: 
trying to crunch chips in a quiet class room during a test?
juss sayin(: 
i got my phone from elijah, andd im borrowing another book from nadineee.
love them. <3

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Listen to Last Kiss by Taylor Swift.
That's the saddest song everrr. 
But I lovee it<3


I ramble WAYY to muchh about my life.time for SOME PICTURESSSS.

because he's a cutie.
because this was during the first week of school, and this picture makes me laughh.

because i like my hair in this one.

because yasmine gave me this piece of paperrrr. haha.

because i had on my new sunglasses and my build a bear(:

because i like thisss(:

because it was my sisters birthday andd that icecream cone thing was AMAZING.

because i look sad. haha.

because THIS is what we do in geometry.

because we're dumb.

becauseee its different and i like this one.

because she's my bestfrienddd and lets me borrow awesome books<3
because i used to think this picture was SO* cute.

becausee it's her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY(: i love you. 
because its us againnn. 

because i love this picture of nadine but she took it off of facebook,.....but i still have it on my mac;) teehe.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

"so baby don't worry, you are my only, you won't be lonleyyy...even if the sky is falling down."

this has been the longest freakin week EVER!!
alot of stuff has happened.
but i'm really happy again.
especially about the situation i've been writing about.(:
Anywayyy....its saturday....boring.
well byee(:

^^^mexican walking fish

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

these violent delights have violent ends.

i feel....desperate.
all i've been blogging about lately is him.
now if you don't wanna read thisss, don't. 
buttt..... im gonna talk about him some more(:

he texted me last night.
i felt like deathh.. well that is until he texted me.
i was texting one of my friends.
saying how i'd do anything, just for him to text me.
he sent me a sweet dreams text.
we talked for a while. he told me he wasn't a player and stuff, and maybe one day we can work something out. he said other things too. Then i told him i wanted us to talk regularly. i don't want it to be like we never met. and he said "of course hun, always." it made me happy. I was watching dear john while all this was going on. that did not help. 
anywayyy... right now i'm living for that day when we can maybe work things out. there are no other guys i like. surprising for me.
But chyeahh.... i'll write more about my day later. I gotta do some englishh homeworkk.

Monday, April 4, 2011

i used to be love drunk, now i'm hungover.

love drunk. i just bought it yesterday. i know i'm late to listen to it. but it's noww my favoritee song. 
i got my haircut yesterday. wayy shorter. i have mixed feelings about it.
once again, im gonna sayy...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

"colourful. so i can be cute like britains." "you mean british.idiot"

hi there(:
the weather outside.
amazing. <3
sunday is always my favorite day of the weekend. i don't like saturdays.i'm weird like that.
i have lifegroup with my youth group tonight. and i love the car rides there and back with ashley&kara <33. GRAHAMMM crackers! bahaha. 
welppp, this is juss a little updatee. i'll post more tomorroww durin school.
"i usedd to be love drunk, but now im hungoverr.." 

Friday, April 1, 2011

friday, the final part.

   oh, hi there to anyone that reads my updates that i post about ten times a day! I'm trying to cut back. ha. but there's nothing else to do in class. I mean besides like....learn. but who does that? ahaha. 
SOOO, i'm in human anatomy and physiology. HARDEST.CLASS.EVER. 
Well, the tests are superr hard. i'm alone in this class right now. sad face. we did a tree map, and im done, and sitll have fourteen minutes in class. i'm ready to go home, and swing and listen to my ipod and get on facebook. and i have to clean too, but i'm not looking forward to that. 
this will be the last part of friday,i think. i don't believe that anything else will happen worthy of blogging about. 
  lunch was good. i felt wayy more social today. (: I talked to all my lovess, the people that make my life happy(:. I felt so bad for this poor girl though!! okay, so like she's kinda new at our school. when she first came, everyone thought she was a slut, and flirted with every guy. and she wears these skinny skinny jeans and highh boots alot. And then she died her hair green. that was a no. she's cute though, or she would be if her hair was just plain blonde, and she parted her hair. BUT ANYWAY, this guy, who calls me a soulless ginger(he loves me though :D), named Jordan, slapped wood glue on her face. Now me and meridan, and most other people in our lunch, have never liked her. but yeah, me and meridan saw her on the way to this class, and we asked her if she was okay, because she had stormed off when they put glue on her. she told us it was burning and her skin was like peeling. I felt really bad for her. I mean, I think she's a nice girl, so yeah, maybe we shouldn't have judged her. I plan on making an effort and being friendly to her. 
  I'm freezing. This class is always superrr* cold. But, luckily I only have six more minutes, and then i go to latin. even colder. and it goes by a whole lot slower!! my teacher, mr turner just stands in front of the class and tttalks. stop ttalkin that blahblahblahh, think you'll be gettin this, nahnahnah, not in the back of my car-ar-ar if you keep talkin that blahblahblahblahh.
mmkayy. i'm done now. 
  thanks for readingg. xoxoxoxo(: 
  byy da wayy... im exciteddd about my summer jobbbb<33 

friday part II

this day has gotten a little better.
andd...btw, you can show an emotion towards someone. 
I'm in geometry.
good lord, they can't keep their mouths shut.
i was trying to focus on a test.
and all the people in here were blabbing. wouldn't shut their mouths. Luckily that test was easily, and i finished it in like ten minutes.
the only people i love in here are jeannie and amber. <3 
jeannie is behind meee, and amber is sitting next to me.
lunch in twenty five minutes. I hope...its better than yesterdayy.  
i feel butterflies in my tummy...?? I dunno whyy. 

I'm sick of people saying " I wanna stay out of DRAMA!!!" 
and they are the main one causing it.
 I'm hyper. and i cant sit still any longer. the only thing i've eaten today was two mini chocolate bars and a mini pack of m&ms. 

I just want to write and write forever and ever about everything in my life.
i cant wait to eat those delicious fries.
im eating outside today. even if i hafta sit by myself. 
which i hate.
that is all. 

friday, part I

so much for dressing up cute today.
i planned these two outfits in my head. i was so sure i was gonna look adorable. hahaha. but like, i couldn't find one of them, and the other just looked like something i wore tuesdayy..anyway, i'm wearing an aeropostale shirt, and a light purple jacket. i don't like it. my hair and makeup is cute i guess. I just don't feel confident today. i hate days like that. my grandmother is bringing me lunch from somewhere. (: <33 anyway, i hope todays better. im titling this post friday. part I. how original right? (: