Saturday, January 29, 2011

(: :D ;D ;)

this has been a fun weekend.
yesterdayy, I went to see the rite withh george. (: haha not too* scaryy.. 
Today, I went to the mall with Kadie and Nadine <33. We had sooo* much fun. 
we were able to catch up, and found out some stuff........dotdotdot.
I ran up a wall,got stuck in the bathroom because the door would not* open, and almost kicked a gangsta in front of us.
Nadine swung on the bathroom door, ate this super hot buffalo bites, and tried to avoid this guhh.... 
Kadie got a cute haircut, paid for her drink in change and we found her and her future husband build-a-bears(: 

the many faces of me(:

Friday, January 28, 2011

Heyy so i've gotta you wanna have a slumber party in my basement;)

heyy. today at lunch was fun, again. it's jeremy dobson's last dayyyy. how sad even though i didn't know him that well, but he added to the funniness of james and blake. we took more pictures, and i'll post them when i can.
but tonighttt im goin to see the rite with george, and hopefully taylor t and taylor g. and tomorrow...mall with nadine and kadie(: WUTWUT. Well we only have five more minutes till the final bellll of the dayy. 
soo bye. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

lovee them

More pictures from our lunch. (:

Ayy cuties. <333

jordan, meridan, kadie, me, jeremy, james, dustin and hunter(: the grouppp.

Jeremy loves this picture a wholee lot(:. 

photography: blakemiller.
and again.
heyy jeremy.

andd again(: ha jeremys profile picture.

tiaaa;; i love you.


I Heart you.
ohhey brotherrr.
you finally agreed for a picture.
ohhey james(: you make me laughh, thanks for picking me up and popping my back everyday.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Lori,
you just went  to the office to turn in your little pass thingy.
I hope you don't mind, I stole about seven of your chips. and changed your background haha(: 
hurryyy backk. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh, hey there. a note.


10 things about your appearance, (clothes, face, hair, height, smile, piercing’s, tattoo’s).
1. I have wet hair.
2. I am wearing grey and white striped shirt.
3. im wearing hot pink pajama pants.
4. i dont have any shoes on.
5. im wearing a green cami on under my shirt.
6. im barely wearing any makeup
7. im wearing my necklace from george that i always wear/
8. i have animal rubberbands, and hairbands on my arms. and a power balance.
9. I am pretty skinny.
10. Im average height.

10 things you do every single day.
1. Sleep
2. eat
3. drink
4. hug
5. text people
6. go on facebook
7. go on gmail
8. take a shower

9. listen to my ipod
10. Talkk!

10 things about your personality.
1.I am quite talkative.
2.I think im funny.
3. Im smarttt...ish.
4. I get along better with guys
5. but i do have manyy girl bestfriends.
6. I laugh a wholeee* lot.
7. I apparently have an attitude problem.
8. I cry kinda easilyish.
9. I'm one of the weirdesttt people you'll ever meet. But I'll also be one of your favorites(:
10. I get along easilyy with people(:

10 of your favorite foods.
1. potato soup.
2. crackers.
3. m&ms
4. milk duds
5. sour patch kids.
6. nachos.
7. mashed potatoes!
8. condensed milk. yeahh that doesnt really count but whatever
9. ice cream

10. doritos

10 things about your friends.
1. taylor green is my bestfran.
2. we've been through a lottt together.
3. our inside jokes are too manyy to count haha.
4. Nadine judehh is da junt. I love herr ta death
5.lauren ostrander is the honestest(yes honestest) person i know.
6. ashley and kara coward are some of the people i've been closest to for the longest. we have soo manyy memories and we always have a good time together.
7. amber estes is the newest person i've become good friends with. we sit right next to eachother in geometry. whatever i understand, she doesn't. and whatever she understands, i dont. Today, i did not understand AT ALL. she helped me tremendously. She makes fun of me being a blonde. Thanks ambaaa.
8. kadie vance and I have the weirdest conversations. same with tia mabry.
9. I have alottt of close guyy friends, that i love to deathh.

10. malloryy warnock is my oldest frienddd. friends since babies. too bad we only get to see eachother once or twice a yearrr:((

10 of your favorite people.
no ma'am.

10 things about your love interest.( ha love interest, really)
1. He was born in May.
2. 6 days after me.
3. he's very serious about our relationship, whichh i appreciate(:.
4. he LOVES* mississippi state.
5. he likes pears and pineapples. hahah.
6. He plays basketballll.
7. Hes superr sweet to me..
8. hes obsessed with scary movies.
9. we started going out on august 12.
10.his bestfriends are taylor, jonah and jay.

10 things you absolutely hate.
1. being embarrassed or in awkward situations.
2. being wrong..
3. when people act like they are better than everyone else.
4. How I think of things too much and upset myself.
5. being mad.
6. drama.
7. being confused in math.
8. throwing up.
9. When people push me to do things.
10. when people try to tell me what I* said or what I* did.

10 things you love.
1. being outside on summer nights<3
2. when im the only one awake(at night or in the morning)
3. being home alone.
4. hanging out with friends.
5. Long conversations at night.
6. after a big fight, when everything resolved and it just feels so good.
7. those conversations i have with taylor green, when both of us are laughing so hard, and everyone thinks we are just stupid .
8. music.
9. twilight.
10. the feeling after you just get done shopping, and bought alot. random i know, but stll haha.


This is like, my favorite picture. Forreal. ha, we took them todayy at lunch. Kadie, then me, jamesss, shareese, meridan... and part of hunter. I really do love sixth period lunch.

Sooo me and blake didn't like eachother too muchh when we first met. but we've became better friendsss this semester(:

me and james. he is one of my favoritest people. he's so funnyy. And don't you love kadie lookin lost in the background. and amber and blake too. hahaha.

dustin. him and his class ring(: too funny.

hahahah favorites.


i love youu.


im in geometry with drinking my water with red powder, and eating whales. amber jus told me its 44 degrees outside and its supposed to snow tomorrow. ugh. im readyyyy to go to lunch. and to hear what lauren b./r. has to say about my old blog. welpppp. thats all for noww.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I was alonee in geometryyy:(

Ha so yeahhh(: I was toooo* bored in geometry cuz someone *coughambercough* WENT HOME. and  I was gonna blog, but coach hall's eyes were everywhere...sooo yeahhh.  
And here are some random pictures of me and amber rose estes(:

I <3 youuu(: 

So yeahhh.. right now im in human a&p. Ms allen is a super cool teacher. BUT I don't have any service in this class. Sooo i can like never text.....FAILLLL. soo yeah. im drinking this lemonade and its deluscious. (MIX of delicious and luscious.) Just like the chicken nuggets tia bought for me todayy(: ilovetiamabry<33 
Well, Im fixnna have to go.................. after this class I get to see Taylor and george....(:  im readyy to go outside, and swing and listen to my ipoddd. 
Welppp, Bye(:  

Sunday, January 23, 2011


the highlight of my week(:

this show is the besttt. I look forward to everyy monday just to watch it, and discuss it withh Taylor(: we text throughout the whole thing "omg, i can't believe ian" "tobyyyy:(" " ugh it has to be mona!"
this is like, the most amazing show i've seen in a while. I definitelyy recommend other people to watch it. Just start from the first episode, cuz it can be kindaaa confusing if you don't know the storyy line.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

stuckkk like glue(:

I am just too bored. Saturdays are awfully boring. Ha I don't have anything thatt* interesting to sayy today. I went to Las Margs with a few friends last night, then we walked to Bed, Bath and Beyond. We're cool. And super loud and hyper. Ha, it was fun.
And currently, facebook is working on my mac. I wonder how long that will last....
So yeahh. Haha, since I have nothing else to say, Im just gonna post random picturess(:

This is a picture of me and one of my closest friends, Amber. We've gotten alot closer this year, now that we have Geometry and lunch together. we kinda disliked eachother last year. UGH i cant get the pictures to line up correctly with the captions. So the first picture is me and amber. second one is of me and taylor g, my bestfran, my mayaaa, and the person im closest to. and thethird is just me(: haha

Saturday, January 15, 2011

random stuff...

Soo heyyy(: This has been a pretty interesting week!
Well, Sunday it started snowing. Like I haven''t seen it snow thattt muchh. Well, obviously, we were out of school Monday, over 6 inches of snow on the ground! and, you know, when I found out we were out of school Tuesday too, nbd. I wasn't that happy, it's boring at the house sometimes, but still. BUT DANG, wednesday too?? Not fun. We went back Thursday, so we only had two days of school this week. I could get used to that!(: So, last night, I went to D'casa with George, Ashley and Kara. Lots of fun, and I'm so glad they finally got to meet him! It wasn't even awkward like I was scared it was going to be. Haha(: I *finally* gave George his present(a msu hoodie) and he gave me my other present....the last exorcism! Haha, I haven't seen it yet, but I'm so excited, and very scared to watch it. And then tonight I went to the mall with George, and hung out with Chelsey for a little bit too. And other people hung out with us for a while, but it ended up being just me and George for a lot of the time. We tried to take pictures. FAIL. Of me. Haha, not cool. He's still going to post them on facebook. NICE.
Ha, so we'll have a long weekend this weekend, cuz we'll be off monday too! Monday....PRETTY LITTLE LIARS<3. That show makes my week.
So yall have a good weekend:D

Thursday, January 6, 2011

two posts in one day? wow.

So, I decided to do another post, since I have nothing to do right now, and my last posts have been short.
And by "I have nothing to do" I mean I have homework, but I'm procrastinating.
Well, this first week back from school has been good. I've started doing my hair in a new way, and I like the change.
Pretty Little Liars started back monday, and me and my best friend Taylor Green are VERY happy about that <3. >
In my last post I said how weird my art teacher was. SHE IS!!! Oh my gosh. I don't mean to be mean, but she just talks to herself. but not in the normal, whispering/talking way. she YELLS!! She's SO freaked out that our class room is gonna be attacked. It's so weird. And so, I'm drawing these pandas. And it's something I've drawn that I actually, REALLY like, and I've gotten a lot of compliments on it. So she came up to me, and took my seat, and drew a random RED tongue on the pandas mouth. The picture is in black and white. Then she added brown to the pandas black fur, and said tomorrow I should add some yellow. No. And just the stuff she says sometimes is...uncalled for. She teaches art 3 and art 4. And I'm not taking it, and I hate there's no other teachers, because I'm just now getting pretty good at art. But oh well(:
My other classes are going very well. I'm really happy with my grades, and I'm happy to have a new first period class. My first period class last semester, digital photography.... well I loveddd the class. I had Taylor and George in there. But my teacher, was MEAN! Like, she's meaner than my art teacher is weird. everyone that has her knows. She yelled at me before..........I'm disrespectful? COOOL. haha. But I have Lori in my new first period class. And my new teacher is sweet and I like the class. So it's all good(:
I'm so happy tomorrow is Friday. This weekend I'm going to be hanging out with one of my other best friends, Nadine(: We like never hang out outside of school. So I'm happy about thaaaat.
Oh, and just saying, never put a packet of that water flavoring stuff in a bottle of water that only has about 1/4 left. It's not very yummy.
and DANG. They keep on blocking and unblocking facebook and stuff from our macs! It's bothering me.
So that's about all I have to say for nowww.


So, blogspot is one of the only sites not blocked on our macbooks now. NiCE. haha, I'm just sitting in Human a&p, and I only have five minutes to the bell, so im gonna make this fast.
Basically, the school blocked most everything on our macs, besides like haiku and this. And wikipedia. But I heard our school district signed a contract with apple, saying they can't block anything. so hopefully* our stuff will get unblocked soon.
And I only have a little bit of time left, but I just have to say...

She's not right in the head.