Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh, hey there. a note.


10 things about your appearance, (clothes, face, hair, height, smile, piercing’s, tattoo’s).
1. I have wet hair.
2. I am wearing grey and white striped shirt.
3. im wearing hot pink pajama pants.
4. i dont have any shoes on.
5. im wearing a green cami on under my shirt.
6. im barely wearing any makeup
7. im wearing my necklace from george that i always wear/
8. i have animal rubberbands, and hairbands on my arms. and a power balance.
9. I am pretty skinny.
10. Im average height.

10 things you do every single day.
1. Sleep
2. eat
3. drink
4. hug
5. text people
6. go on facebook
7. go on gmail
8. take a shower

9. listen to my ipod
10. Talkk!

10 things about your personality.
1.I am quite talkative.
2.I think im funny.
3. Im smarttt...ish.
4. I get along better with guys
5. but i do have manyy girl bestfriends.
6. I laugh a wholeee* lot.
7. I apparently have an attitude problem.
8. I cry kinda easilyish.
9. I'm one of the weirdesttt people you'll ever meet. But I'll also be one of your favorites(:
10. I get along easilyy with people(:

10 of your favorite foods.
1. potato soup.
2. crackers.
3. m&ms
4. milk duds
5. sour patch kids.
6. nachos.
7. mashed potatoes!
8. condensed milk. yeahh that doesnt really count but whatever
9. ice cream

10. doritos

10 things about your friends.
1. taylor green is my bestfran.
2. we've been through a lottt together.
3. our inside jokes are too manyy to count haha.
4. Nadine judehh is da junt. I love herr ta death
5.lauren ostrander is the honestest(yes honestest) person i know.
6. ashley and kara coward are some of the people i've been closest to for the longest. we have soo manyy memories and we always have a good time together.
7. amber estes is the newest person i've become good friends with. we sit right next to eachother in geometry. whatever i understand, she doesn't. and whatever she understands, i dont. Today, i did not understand AT ALL. she helped me tremendously. She makes fun of me being a blonde. Thanks ambaaa.
8. kadie vance and I have the weirdest conversations. same with tia mabry.
9. I have alottt of close guyy friends, that i love to deathh.

10. malloryy warnock is my oldest frienddd. friends since babies. too bad we only get to see eachother once or twice a yearrr:((

10 of your favorite people.
no ma'am.

10 things about your love interest.( ha love interest, really)
1. He was born in May.
2. 6 days after me.
3. he's very serious about our relationship, whichh i appreciate(:.
4. he LOVES* mississippi state.
5. he likes pears and pineapples. hahah.
6. He plays basketballll.
7. Hes superr sweet to me..
8. hes obsessed with scary movies.
9. we started going out on august 12.
10.his bestfriends are taylor, jonah and jay.

10 things you absolutely hate.
1. being embarrassed or in awkward situations.
2. being wrong..
3. when people act like they are better than everyone else.
4. How I think of things too much and upset myself.
5. being mad.
6. drama.
7. being confused in math.
8. throwing up.
9. When people push me to do things.
10. when people try to tell me what I* said or what I* did.

10 things you love.
1. being outside on summer nights<3
2. when im the only one awake(at night or in the morning)
3. being home alone.
4. hanging out with friends.
5. Long conversations at night.
6. after a big fight, when everything resolved and it just feels so good.
7. those conversations i have with taylor green, when both of us are laughing so hard, and everyone thinks we are just stupid .
8. music.
9. twilight.
10. the feeling after you just get done shopping, and bought alot. random i know, but stll haha.

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