Saturday, February 26, 2011

my weirdo frienddd.

soo i kinda have this friend. this amigo. this chum. 
Her name is lauren paige ostrander.
I kinda call her Lori, even though she doesn't like it, that's just the name im used to.
Lemme tell you about this girl.
We met in like may. and we clicked prettyy fast.
And we were bestfrans immediately.
i miss how all during may, in our lunch period we'd just walk around.
and talk about guys.
and write break up notes.
and take pictures that now look terribly unattractive. we thought we were KEWT.
and would just talk about everything, and frankie would join us sometimes.
and then this summerrrr, we went to see eclipse. I do believe that was the only time we hung out during the summer?
this school year we've been throughh alot. a bad fightttt. she and my other bestfriend, nadine were totes on a team against me.
/I was alone.
but a bit later, me and lori made up and she very graciously forgave me<33 and like I don't know what I'd do without her.
She's ALWAYS right.
like it sickens my stomach.
example. This dude...we will call him cee bee. 
she told me not to be friends with him, that it wouldn't turn out too smooth.
she was right. I TOTES should have listened to her when she said that foreshadowing statement. because I messed up alot, and screwed over alot of my friends, but she helped me get my life back together.
example number two.
she dated this dude.
we will call him jay bee.
and he's not the jonas brothers.
or justin bieber.
or jacob black.
WELL... she told me he was not a very sweet guy as i thought he was, and he was a real jerkkk. MANE she was right! i just discovered that this week haha.

im so happy we have first period together, even though we bothh act d*u*m*b(i was trying to be cute....)

I also enjoy having twin build a bears/our best friend furevers/ring bearers.

and how you are patient with me.

and how you have pr3tti eyes.
dey crute. 

and how ya force me to play with your hair.

sometimes i just want to rip it out and feed it to jay are. and then rip mine out and feed it to my husband, J.L.

I freakin love you <33 

Friday, February 25, 2011

every single detail about my whole day.

So, yeah. Read if you're bored. because i am, and just wanted to relieve everyy bit of what happened today..
So I got up. And got dressed. and left the house. I arrived at school and went in the cafeteria, where I always go, with Nadine, Yasmine, and Amber. They told me "look behind you to your left." a few of my friends were there haha. All I need to say about that is "Who is he?"- Nadine...... hahaha! too funny.
then I walked to class with Nadine, Chris and Logan. Then Nadine went to Art, and it was me, Logan and Chris. Theyy are my bestestest senior buddies(: Haha btw chris I still have your bracelet.(: anywayyy, we're walking to first period and i see george....
then yeah we all go to class and I get to enjoy first period with Lori and this guy who has mold growing all over his body. YUCK. me and lori, excuse me, lauren paige, act so weird in first period. we make weird noises, and show mrs richey ugly outfits.
So yeah. I walked to second period with tha bestfriend Lor-Lauren. and saww logan againn. Then I went to art 2, with the extremely weird mrs barclay, and my buddyyy shareese. Today I just downloaded pictures of fantasy landscape junttt on my macbook. and texted.
SO yeahh. that class went by fast, and I walked to third period with Kadie and Chris. and then after they were losers and went to b building, taylor. <3.
We really did nothing in Hestersss class. Yeahh.... well thats about it for third period.
Fourthhh period mrs key had snacks for us.<33 and we took a julius caesar test, getting to use our notes and book. but it was still* hard!
on the way to fifth period, george tried* to be "strong". #fail. Then I went to confusing geometry(coach hall...please* come back.). withh amber(: and jeannie and dustin. wow I just heard my phone vibrate 3 times. three messages? someone's popular. lemme go checkk haha,one from kadie, two from laurrreen. and yes, rrr's are me rolling my tongue.
ANYWAY. lunch was not fun todayyy. just boring!!!
seventh period, mrs allen for human anatomy and physiology, we took a test. #iacedthatjunt. and had an earthquake drill. like really?really? me and cailon did not enjoy looking at gum.
Thennn after seventh period i walked withh elijahhhh and then met taylor,taylor and george outside a building as always. And went in the most boring class ever.
and this guy, im not gonna say his name, but he has a VERY SCRATCHYY VOICE. And he has hair like a llama. he kept on falling asleep, so my teacher thinks whenever the air is on(FREEZING COLD!!!!!!!!!) it wakes us up. no, it makes us freakin FROSTBITED!!!! i've never been in such a COLD CLASSROOM!!!! okay all these capital letters are UNNECESSARY! so then yeah. the final bell finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy rang. those y's were for you, bacon.
and soo yeahh.
idk my plans for tonight, or this weekend yet.
but thats about all<3

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Girls. are. mean.
they talk behind their "friends' " backs too much. 
they can't keep a secret. you tell them something, and tell them not to tell anyone..
well they'll tell someone else that something, and tell them not to tell anyone.
and soon enough,everyone knows. This has happened to me like a  thousand times, and by now you think I would learn who to tell stuff to. 

I only know a few people who aren't like this. 

people just need to keep their dang mouths shut! Like forreal. And if you are gonna be all mean behind a person's back, don't act sweet to them when you see them. That gets on my nerves more than anything. 

So I hang out with guys more often.
When I do that....
"why are you flirting with him? You have a boyfriend!" 
from girls who need to mind their own business.
now its one thing if your a close friend, who says that I need to back off, and that it looks like im flirting and people may take it the wrong way..
but no. they have to be mean about it! 
And I don't flirt with other guys, just sayingg.

It gets veryy stressful. Especially during my lunch period. 

People just need to worry about themselves, and not about other people. 
Also, if someone is dressing, or acting like a slut, let that be their business.
Don't go around saying "omg. she's such a slut, look at how she's all over every guy! and those tight clothes!" 
The "slut" that you're talking about may not know she looks like one, and if she did, well let that be her problem, not yours.

Well, this is just my rambling for todayy.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

friends.and school. im bored.

Name one of your friends for each:
1. With dark brown hair: Lori.
2. Younger than you:  kara
3. In your class: cailon
4. That is one of your best friend: Taylor.
5. Someone that is older than you: James
6. That lives close to you: Kadie
7. With blonde hair:  meridan.
8. That lives far away from you: Mallory
9. You love: george.
10. You Dislike: um we'll call this person RAT. 
How old is #3? 15
Are #9 and #1 friends? I guess.
Does #2 have any pets?yep
Why do you love #4? like emily loves maya :]
Does #5 hate #4?  no, they dont even know eachother
What is #6s weakness? CHICKEN BISCUITS ahah
 Where does #10 go to school? ughhh..the same school i go to.
Who do you talk to more, #2 or #8? kara
In how many years does #7 turn 21? 6
Whats #5s favourite band?  I dont know!
Would you ever have sex with #1? NO MA'AM
How far away does #3 live from you?  i dont know.
Do you hang out with #8 a lot? noo.
 Who is crazier, #6 or #9? kadie.
How long have you known #4? beginning of ninth grade<3
Does #2 like #10? they dont know each other.
How old is #1? 16
What is your favourite thing about #8? haha her friendship with tha girl dreww.
Have #4 and #5 made out? oh lord noo.
Is #9 related to you? hopefully NO
What would you change about #10? ..........
What colour of hair does #10 have? not sayingg!
Is #1 immature? noo, she acts like shes about 70 years old.
Whats your relationship with #6?  goodfrans/neighbors;)
Is #8 still in school? yess
Where does #7 live? about ten minutes away from where i do.
#9 have any siblings? yeah
What sports does #5 play? I don't think any?
Have you ever held hands with #1? no. shes as fake as i cant believe its not butter haha.
What kind of eyes does #4 have? brownn
Have #6 and #8 ever dated? no!
Would they? nooo
Have you ever seen #5 cry? no and if i did, that would be quite disturbing
Do you have any classes with #10? IM NOT SAYINGGG.
Does #5 like to party? hahaha
When is #6 birthday? sometime in the cold weather haha

1. What school do you go to? THS
2. What is your worst teacher’s initials? my worst teacher was MRS CORK. no initials.
3. Who do you sit next to in homeroom? I sit next to no one really but behind george
4. Do you get into alot of trouble at school? def. hahaha
5. The best part of your school? the people
6. What was the worse thing that you did in school? Idkk.
7. Who is or was your favorite teacher? coach honeycutt was my favorite, this year I loveee ms allen
8. Is this school better than the last school? my last school was me being homeschooled
9. Who do you hang out with at school? LOTS of peopless
10. what is the funniest thing that happend in class? Oh, there have been many
11. How many detentions have you had? zero
12. Do you like your principal? um sure.
13. Are your school dances fun? dont go to them
14. How average are you? not average. at all.
15. Do you like your teacher this year? which one?
16. Is a female teacher a better one? Well, it depends. last year, no. this year, yes.
17. How many students in your class? which one?
18. How many recess’ do you get? none
19. What do you have in your locker? no lockerrrr
20. Has anything embarassing happen to anyone in your class? YES
21. Is your class a good one or a bad one? WHICH CLASS.
22. What are your favorite subjects this year? Lunchh
23. Are you loved at this school? by some people
23. Do you get alot of homework? yes
24. How many schools have you gone to? onee
 25. What did you say that made the whole class burst out laughting?  umm well world historyy... it was embarassing. hesta used me as an example of a poor person....they wouldnt pay for me health care.
26. Who is in your class? which class.

I tag everyone reading this. go do it.


(Lets see if you can get through it. If not, then you're too scared about your past.) I'm not scared about my past.
Name: katelyn mackenzie mathis.
Birth Date: may 18, 1995.
Current Location: living room.
Hair Color: red.
Righty/Lefty: righty
Your fear: heights, roller coasters, airplanes.
Your dream of the perfect date: umm.... it depends.
Your best friend(s): taylor green(: and a few otherss.LAYER 3: YESTERDAY, TODAY, TOMORROW.
Your thoughts first waking: I dont know what to wear.
Your best physical feature: you tell me.
Your bed time?: dont have onee..
Your most missed memory: umm... LAYER 4: YOUR PICK.
Pepsi or Coke: coke.
McDonald's or Burger King: both.
Adidas or Nike: neither.
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate!
Take showers:  duh!
Like(d) school: yes ma'am
Believe what goes around comes around: fa'sho
Believe everything happens for a reason: yess.
Think you're a health freak: maybe.

Gone to the mall: yess
Been on stage: NO MA'AM
Eaten sushi: yes
Been hurt: yes.
Dyed your hair: nahhh.

Got beaten up: naw.
Changed who you were to fit in: yes. i dont do that anymore. LAYER 8: GETTING OLD.
Age you're hoping to be married by: 16. justkidding. (:
How many kids do you want to have?: I DONT KNOW.LAYER 9: WHAT WERE YOU DOING.
1 MINUTE AGO: thiss.
 1 HOUR AGO: in the car with kadie
1 WEEK AGO: Suffering from ear pain.
I FEEL: disturbed.
I HATE: people* talking about me behind my back
I LOVE: people who draw their eyebraws on, and put red or white coloring under them.(:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

10 things about your appearance, (clothes, face, hair, height, smile, piercing’s, tattoo’s). hair is up in a bun.'s wet. wearing five animal rubberbands on my left hand, and one on my right. also wearing a bright yellow power band
5.i'm wearing an orange t shirt.
6. and black sweat pants
7. I have no makeup on.
8. and no socks on.
9. my fingernails are painted white with polka dots.
10.  and i have my necklace from george on.
10 things you do every single day.
1. textttt
2. eat
4.listen to my ipod
5 talk
6. hug.
7. shower.
8. thinkk.
9. laugh<3
10 get on my computer.
10 things about your personality.
1.i'm disturbing. 
2. and awkward.
3 and embarassing
4. but im also funny.
5. and sweet.
6 and easy to get along with.
7 I laugh alott
8  if your one of my close friends, you know im one of the craziest/ weirdest people you'll ever meet.
9. I freak out..alot.
10. and I like buying stuff.... 
10 of your favorite foods.
1. potato soup
2. fries. especially from chickfila. 
3. goldfish.
4. crackers.
5. fettucini alfredo
6. tetrazini!
7. grapes.
8. strawberries.
9. chips.
10 skittles.
10 things about your friends.
1. Taylor louise green is my bestfriend. 
2. we have more inside jokes than anyonee and we're there for eachother no matter what. 
3. nadine danielle judeh is my other bestfriend.
4. we've been through alot, and had a few fights, but we always* make up. 
5. Lauren paige ostrander is the most disturbing person i've ever met.
6. we spent all first period friday ( i think) saying "you're an emily...your a hanna's mom..." and random insults like that.
7. ps i know what to do if i have a cherry pit in my mouth! hahahaha!
8. amber rose estes and i have become closer this year(We used to dislikeee eachotherr...). we're bruhbruh's, gangstas fo life. We talk to eachother about guys, and don't* pay attention in geometry. 
9. kadie renee vance tries to steal my man* bahaha. I love herr.
10. meridan, cailon, jeanne, ashley, kara, all yall i love youu(: 
10 of your favorite people. (in no order).
1.George pridmore.
2. taylor green.
3. nadine judehhh
4. my mommy
5. my daddy.
6. madeline mathis
7.lainey mathis
8. luke mathis
9 jennifer meadows. 
10. lauren ostrander...yes i put you last on purpose(:
10 things you absolutely hate.
1. fighting with people you love.
2. sickness.
3 bad grades
4. being in an awkward situation.
5. people who try to start drama
6 the feeling you get when you read something you wish you wouldnt have.
7. the feeling you get when you take one of mrs allens tests.
8. crying.
9. having nothing to wear.
10 homies always trynna fight me! hahaha.
10 things you love.
1. laughing.
2. playfighting. with george.
3. the feeling right before a new episode of pll
4 cooking.
5. skinny jeans.
7. peaches.
8. twilight.
9.  taylor lautner 
10. music

When did you see the last female you texted?

Are you 100% over the last person you kissed?

Are you currently looking forward to anything?

Would you be surprised if your most recent ex called you tonight?

i'd be disturbed. 
Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to?
Do you care too much/not at all/just enough?
too much

Who was the last person you went out to eat with?
 umm... ashley and kara i think

Did anything brighten up your day today?
hahaha....  yeahhh......

What is one thing that is currently bothering you?
something.. it'd be awkward to say.

Do you want to cut your hair?
Would you rather have roommates or live alone?
this reminds me of a movie i watched recently. 
^stole nadines answer. saw that movie last night. DISTURBING.
Do you have any scars?

Will you be in a relationship next month?
most likely.

What are you freakishly obsessed with? 
my roomate ;)

What have you done today?
went to church

What is the last thing you did before bed last night?
watched teen mom.

Have you ever had a really big fight with a best friend?

How many true friends do you have? 
umm... idk.

First thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
go wash my face and brush my teeth.
What's the worst thing to happen to you today?
not saying.

Tag three people! Whoever you tag, they must do this, too.

Monday, February 7, 2011

teenagers that go to build a bear are awesome.

So, sunday, I went to church with ashley, kara, and lauren*(: There was a thingg after church, so we ate lunch and stayed there until two. It was fun, and then me and lauren* went to the mall and went to build a bear. we built absolutelyy adorable twin owls(: edmund and quentin. we spent like an hour in build a bear. After that, we got drinks, walked around, and I got some  new sunglasses. It was a fun dayy. 
and tonight, a new episode of pretty little liars comes on<3 Yayyy!!! 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

my SHAWTYYYY ambers blog.

this is going to be short, because I have to start getting ready for church.
but check out ambers blog(i forgottt to post the link, haha)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

ayeee bruh bruh(:

i had a funnn time last night withh amber estes(: and she got herself a bloggg. go check it out, SHAWTYYY. its cool as a muggg(: haha, me and amber were texting people talking all gangstaish and stuff. theyy were laughing so hard at us!! kyln &ambaa(: I'll post some pictures later, but they are already on facebook.

Friday, February 4, 2011


I'm in english. doing nothing. absolutelyy bored. It smells like baskin robbins in here.....
I'm ready to go to lunch. The people in there can always make me laugh and feel better(:
haha, but yeah. I'm readyy for sunday. Hopefully the mall withh Nadine, Megan and maybe amber!(: I really hope we can all go. I haven't seen Megan in soo long. I miss her so much now that she goes to mooreville!
byy the wayy, first period with lori always makes myy day. and our conversations, and lame insults.
welppp. we have 20 minutes left, and doing nothingg. Soo ima gooooooo.....bye.