Saturday, February 26, 2011

my weirdo frienddd.

soo i kinda have this friend. this amigo. this chum. 
Her name is lauren paige ostrander.
I kinda call her Lori, even though she doesn't like it, that's just the name im used to.
Lemme tell you about this girl.
We met in like may. and we clicked prettyy fast.
And we were bestfrans immediately.
i miss how all during may, in our lunch period we'd just walk around.
and talk about guys.
and write break up notes.
and take pictures that now look terribly unattractive. we thought we were KEWT.
and would just talk about everything, and frankie would join us sometimes.
and then this summerrrr, we went to see eclipse. I do believe that was the only time we hung out during the summer?
this school year we've been throughh alot. a bad fightttt. she and my other bestfriend, nadine were totes on a team against me.
/I was alone.
but a bit later, me and lori made up and she very graciously forgave me<33 and like I don't know what I'd do without her.
She's ALWAYS right.
like it sickens my stomach.
example. This dude...we will call him cee bee. 
she told me not to be friends with him, that it wouldn't turn out too smooth.
she was right. I TOTES should have listened to her when she said that foreshadowing statement. because I messed up alot, and screwed over alot of my friends, but she helped me get my life back together.
example number two.
she dated this dude.
we will call him jay bee.
and he's not the jonas brothers.
or justin bieber.
or jacob black.
WELL... she told me he was not a very sweet guy as i thought he was, and he was a real jerkkk. MANE she was right! i just discovered that this week haha.

im so happy we have first period together, even though we bothh act d*u*m*b(i was trying to be cute....)

I also enjoy having twin build a bears/our best friend furevers/ring bearers.

and how you are patient with me.

and how you have pr3tti eyes.
dey crute. 

and how ya force me to play with your hair.

sometimes i just want to rip it out and feed it to jay are. and then rip mine out and feed it to my husband, J.L.

I freakin love you <33 

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