Friday, February 4, 2011


I'm in english. doing nothing. absolutelyy bored. It smells like baskin robbins in here.....
I'm ready to go to lunch. The people in there can always make me laugh and feel better(:
haha, but yeah. I'm readyy for sunday. Hopefully the mall withh Nadine, Megan and maybe amber!(: I really hope we can all go. I haven't seen Megan in soo long. I miss her so much now that she goes to mooreville!
byy the wayy, first period with lori always makes myy day. and our conversations, and lame insults.
welppp. we have 20 minutes left, and doing nothingg. Soo ima gooooooo.....bye.


  1. ahahaha, the entire time we insult each other. it makes me smile.

    why would you name this blog "QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ." it's stupid and makes no sense.

    ...swallow your spit and chew your food properly.
    loser; i love you.