Sunday, February 20, 2011


Girls. are. mean.
they talk behind their "friends' " backs too much. 
they can't keep a secret. you tell them something, and tell them not to tell anyone..
well they'll tell someone else that something, and tell them not to tell anyone.
and soon enough,everyone knows. This has happened to me like a  thousand times, and by now you think I would learn who to tell stuff to. 

I only know a few people who aren't like this. 

people just need to keep their dang mouths shut! Like forreal. And if you are gonna be all mean behind a person's back, don't act sweet to them when you see them. That gets on my nerves more than anything. 

So I hang out with guys more often.
When I do that....
"why are you flirting with him? You have a boyfriend!" 
from girls who need to mind their own business.
now its one thing if your a close friend, who says that I need to back off, and that it looks like im flirting and people may take it the wrong way..
but no. they have to be mean about it! 
And I don't flirt with other guys, just sayingg.

It gets veryy stressful. Especially during my lunch period. 

People just need to worry about themselves, and not about other people. 
Also, if someone is dressing, or acting like a slut, let that be their business.
Don't go around saying "omg. she's such a slut, look at how she's all over every guy! and those tight clothes!" 
The "slut" that you're talking about may not know she looks like one, and if she did, well let that be her problem, not yours.

Well, this is just my rambling for todayy.


    this is 100% true.

  2. Is this about that one person you told me about??

  3. is it your "bruh bruh"? annnnnnd i'm one of those close friends. <3

  4. I mean kinda, but i dont have a problem with her now.

  5. hahah!!! Love it Katelyn i wish this was like facebook so i could like...!!!!!