Friday, February 25, 2011

every single detail about my whole day.

So, yeah. Read if you're bored. because i am, and just wanted to relieve everyy bit of what happened today..
So I got up. And got dressed. and left the house. I arrived at school and went in the cafeteria, where I always go, with Nadine, Yasmine, and Amber. They told me "look behind you to your left." a few of my friends were there haha. All I need to say about that is "Who is he?"- Nadine...... hahaha! too funny.
then I walked to class with Nadine, Chris and Logan. Then Nadine went to Art, and it was me, Logan and Chris. Theyy are my bestestest senior buddies(: Haha btw chris I still have your bracelet.(: anywayyy, we're walking to first period and i see george....
then yeah we all go to class and I get to enjoy first period with Lori and this guy who has mold growing all over his body. YUCK. me and lori, excuse me, lauren paige, act so weird in first period. we make weird noises, and show mrs richey ugly outfits.
So yeah. I walked to second period with tha bestfriend Lor-Lauren. and saww logan againn. Then I went to art 2, with the extremely weird mrs barclay, and my buddyyy shareese. Today I just downloaded pictures of fantasy landscape junttt on my macbook. and texted.
SO yeahh. that class went by fast, and I walked to third period with Kadie and Chris. and then after they were losers and went to b building, taylor. <3.
We really did nothing in Hestersss class. Yeahh.... well thats about it for third period.
Fourthhh period mrs key had snacks for us.<33 and we took a julius caesar test, getting to use our notes and book. but it was still* hard!
on the way to fifth period, george tried* to be "strong". #fail. Then I went to confusing geometry(coach hall...please* come back.). withh amber(: and jeannie and dustin. wow I just heard my phone vibrate 3 times. three messages? someone's popular. lemme go checkk haha,one from kadie, two from laurrreen. and yes, rrr's are me rolling my tongue.
ANYWAY. lunch was not fun todayyy. just boring!!!
seventh period, mrs allen for human anatomy and physiology, we took a test. #iacedthatjunt. and had an earthquake drill. like really?really? me and cailon did not enjoy looking at gum.
Thennn after seventh period i walked withh elijahhhh and then met taylor,taylor and george outside a building as always. And went in the most boring class ever.
and this guy, im not gonna say his name, but he has a VERY SCRATCHYY VOICE. And he has hair like a llama. he kept on falling asleep, so my teacher thinks whenever the air is on(FREEZING COLD!!!!!!!!!) it wakes us up. no, it makes us freakin FROSTBITED!!!! i've never been in such a COLD CLASSROOM!!!! okay all these capital letters are UNNECESSARY! so then yeah. the final bell finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy rang. those y's were for you, bacon.
and soo yeahh.
idk my plans for tonight, or this weekend yet.
but thats about all<3

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  1. this made my life. i love you fuzzy. <3