Tuesday, February 15, 2011

friends.and school. im bored.

Name one of your friends for each:
1. With dark brown hair: Lori.
2. Younger than you:  kara
3. In your class: cailon
4. That is one of your best friend: Taylor.
5. Someone that is older than you: James
6. That lives close to you: Kadie
7. With blonde hair:  meridan.
8. That lives far away from you: Mallory
9. You love: george.
10. You Dislike: um we'll call this person RAT. 
How old is #3? 15
Are #9 and #1 friends? I guess.
Does #2 have any pets?yep
Why do you love #4? like emily loves maya :]
Does #5 hate #4?  no, they dont even know eachother
What is #6s weakness? CHICKEN BISCUITS ahah
 Where does #10 go to school? ughhh..the same school i go to.
Who do you talk to more, #2 or #8? kara
In how many years does #7 turn 21? 6
Whats #5s favourite band?  I dont know!
Would you ever have sex with #1? NO MA'AM
How far away does #3 live from you?  i dont know.
Do you hang out with #8 a lot? noo.
 Who is crazier, #6 or #9? kadie.
How long have you known #4? beginning of ninth grade<3
Does #2 like #10? they dont know each other.
How old is #1? 16
What is your favourite thing about #8? haha her friendship with tha girl dreww.
Have #4 and #5 made out? oh lord noo.
Is #9 related to you? hopefully NO
What would you change about #10? ..........
What colour of hair does #10 have? not sayingg!
Is #1 immature? noo, she acts like shes about 70 years old.
Whats your relationship with #6?  goodfrans/neighbors;)
Is #8 still in school? yess
Where does #7 live? about ten minutes away from where i do.
#9 have any siblings? yeah
What sports does #5 play? I don't think any?
Have you ever held hands with #1? no. shes as fake as i cant believe its not butter haha.
What kind of eyes does #4 have? brownn
Have #6 and #8 ever dated? no!
Would they? nooo
Have you ever seen #5 cry? no and if i did, that would be quite disturbing
Do you have any classes with #10? IM NOT SAYINGGG.
Does #5 like to party? hahaha
When is #6 birthday? sometime in the cold weather haha

1. What school do you go to? THS
2. What is your worst teacher’s initials? my worst teacher was MRS CORK. no initials.
3. Who do you sit next to in homeroom? I sit next to no one really but behind george
4. Do you get into alot of trouble at school? def. hahaha
5. The best part of your school? the people
6. What was the worse thing that you did in school? Idkk.
7. Who is or was your favorite teacher? coach honeycutt was my favorite, this year I loveee ms allen
8. Is this school better than the last school? my last school was me being homeschooled
9. Who do you hang out with at school? LOTS of peopless
10. what is the funniest thing that happend in class? Oh, there have been many
11. How many detentions have you had? zero
12. Do you like your principal? um sure.
13. Are your school dances fun? dont go to them
14. How average are you? not average. at all.
15. Do you like your teacher this year? which one?
16. Is a female teacher a better one? Well, it depends. last year, no. this year, yes.
17. How many students in your class? which one?
18. How many recess’ do you get? none
19. What do you have in your locker? no lockerrrr
20. Has anything embarassing happen to anyone in your class? YES
21. Is your class a good one or a bad one? WHICH CLASS.
22. What are your favorite subjects this year? Lunchh
23. Are you loved at this school? by some people
23. Do you get alot of homework? yes
24. How many schools have you gone to? onee
 25. What did you say that made the whole class burst out laughting?  umm well todayyy...in world historyy... it was embarassing. hesta used me as an example of a poor person....they wouldnt pay for me health care.
26. Who is in your class? which class.

I tag everyone reading this. go do it.


  1. HAHAH oh i love the question Have #4 and #5 made out? oh lord noo.