Sunday, February 13, 2011

10 things about your appearance, (clothes, face, hair, height, smile, piercing’s, tattoo’s). hair is up in a bun.'s wet. wearing five animal rubberbands on my left hand, and one on my right. also wearing a bright yellow power band
5.i'm wearing an orange t shirt.
6. and black sweat pants
7. I have no makeup on.
8. and no socks on.
9. my fingernails are painted white with polka dots.
10.  and i have my necklace from george on.
10 things you do every single day.
1. textttt
2. eat
4.listen to my ipod
5 talk
6. hug.
7. shower.
8. thinkk.
9. laugh<3
10 get on my computer.
10 things about your personality.
1.i'm disturbing. 
2. and awkward.
3 and embarassing
4. but im also funny.
5. and sweet.
6 and easy to get along with.
7 I laugh alott
8  if your one of my close friends, you know im one of the craziest/ weirdest people you'll ever meet.
9. I freak out..alot.
10. and I like buying stuff.... 
10 of your favorite foods.
1. potato soup
2. fries. especially from chickfila. 
3. goldfish.
4. crackers.
5. fettucini alfredo
6. tetrazini!
7. grapes.
8. strawberries.
9. chips.
10 skittles.
10 things about your friends.
1. Taylor louise green is my bestfriend. 
2. we have more inside jokes than anyonee and we're there for eachother no matter what. 
3. nadine danielle judeh is my other bestfriend.
4. we've been through alot, and had a few fights, but we always* make up. 
5. Lauren paige ostrander is the most disturbing person i've ever met.
6. we spent all first period friday ( i think) saying "you're an emily...your a hanna's mom..." and random insults like that.
7. ps i know what to do if i have a cherry pit in my mouth! hahahaha!
8. amber rose estes and i have become closer this year(We used to dislikeee eachotherr...). we're bruhbruh's, gangstas fo life. We talk to eachother about guys, and don't* pay attention in geometry. 
9. kadie renee vance tries to steal my man* bahaha. I love herr.
10. meridan, cailon, jeanne, ashley, kara, all yall i love youu(: 
10 of your favorite people. (in no order).
1.George pridmore.
2. taylor green.
3. nadine judehhh
4. my mommy
5. my daddy.
6. madeline mathis
7.lainey mathis
8. luke mathis
9 jennifer meadows. 
10. lauren ostrander...yes i put you last on purpose(:
10 things you absolutely hate.
1. fighting with people you love.
2. sickness.
3 bad grades
4. being in an awkward situation.
5. people who try to start drama
6 the feeling you get when you read something you wish you wouldnt have.
7. the feeling you get when you take one of mrs allens tests.
8. crying.
9. having nothing to wear.
10 homies always trynna fight me! hahaha.
10 things you love.
1. laughing.
2. playfighting. with george.
3. the feeling right before a new episode of pll
4 cooking.
5. skinny jeans.
7. peaches.
8. twilight.
9.  taylor lautner 
10. music

When did you see the last female you texted?

Are you 100% over the last person you kissed?

Are you currently looking forward to anything?

Would you be surprised if your most recent ex called you tonight?

i'd be disturbed. 
Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to?
Do you care too much/not at all/just enough?
too much

Who was the last person you went out to eat with?
 umm... ashley and kara i think

Did anything brighten up your day today?
hahaha....  yeahhh......

What is one thing that is currently bothering you?
something.. it'd be awkward to say.

Do you want to cut your hair?
Would you rather have roommates or live alone?
this reminds me of a movie i watched recently. 
^stole nadines answer. saw that movie last night. DISTURBING.
Do you have any scars?

Will you be in a relationship next month?
most likely.

What are you freakishly obsessed with? 
my roomate ;)

What have you done today?
went to church

What is the last thing you did before bed last night?
watched teen mom.

Have you ever had a really big fight with a best friend?

How many true friends do you have? 
umm... idk.

First thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
go wash my face and brush my teeth.
What's the worst thing to happen to you today?
not saying.

Tag three people! Whoever you tag, they must do this, too.


  1. haha, katelyn! i totally laughed at the end.

    Tag three people! Whoever you tag, they must do this, too.

  2. What are you freakishly obsessed with?
    my roomate ;)


  3. So may i ask why is my name in this????? Does this mean that i have to do this????? Cause I will it will just take time!!!!!!!!:)