Saturday, March 5, 2011

just and stuff.

So hey(:
I haven't posted in a while, so I have to update a bit.
Tuesday George and I broke up. It was for the best.  I'm still kind of getting used to it, we were together for almost seven months. We aren't really friends right now, but I really hope that in the future we can be friends. We just really weren't meant to be a couple, I don't think. It was good(most of the time) while it lasted.
Thursday night, Kadie went with us to Luke's soccer game. We just ended up walking around, and petting ducks at the ballard park.
Today, Meridan came over, then we went to Demi Ivey's birthday party. That was fun, then we went back to my house, hung out for a while, and went to eat at D'casa. Then we took her home. It was a lot of fun, I loveee Meridan. And my family does too. :3 :3 :3
that's really all that's been going on. Next week is exam week, then spring breakkk. and so im just sitting here, waiting for logan to text me back. This week has been quite amazing.

favorite quotes of the weekkk.
"I hear it feels really good to get your eyeball licked."- logan ehren<3
"he just looks at you over his glasses! look through your glasses or get some contacts"- me and meridan<3
"our MEATY thighs."- me and lauren ostrander <3
"yall are such a cute couple!!"- nadine judeh ;) <3

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