Monday, March 28, 2011


we're smiling when we're close to tears.
even after all these years, we've just now got the feeling like we're meetingg...
for the first time.
this is from the song first time.
its by the script.
i love this line of the song.
its of the only reasons i actually listen to the song haha.
i reallyy thinkk it's sweet.
^im cute haha.
i just  feel like..venting. about everyone and everything.
i have some extra time.

i just want to sayyy.. i love my sister. 
she's 3 years younger than me. but we're super close. we wear the samee size mostly in clothes, and sharee alot. we tell eachother mostly* everything, and i really like hanging out, just like going to the mall, with her as much as i would one of my bestfriends. and i mean i was just thinking about how luckyy i am to have a sister like her, because alot of people don't have siblings, and if they do, they aren't around the same age. right now, i would probablyy be in my room, by myselfff.. but no. im sittingg here in my sister's room, watching her spray bleach on ants, trying to kill them all. she hates ants, and bees. i love herrr.

secondlyyy.. i'm honestlyyy...really,really happy to be single. i'm sorry, im just saying!  i am! its good to..get to know other people... yeahh... myy last relationship.. I mean, it was just like... it was good on the weekends. we got along great on the weekends. me and him... on fridays we'd usually go the movies or something... saturday we wouldn't talk much, and sundayy we would talk all day. And then on mondays-thursdays we'd just argue and not get along! then we'd always fix our arguments, and he'd apologize or whatever. and i mean, i did want us to work out! but this last monthh or so, i felt... :/ not right. And i felt bad that i had to break it off, because he wanted us to be together "forever". And i felt like i was more pressured into the relationship, because he said we would be together forever. i just don't think i'm ready to be in a relationship like that, where its that serious. I mean, down to the date we'd get married. sorryy, i'm not ready for that. me and him don't talk much anymore. i want us to be friends, i really do. we'll text occasionally, its pretty dangg awkward.. but we will. in person, we avoid eachother completely. I hope it changesss, i want to be able to be like HAAYY and talkk and stuff, like i do to my other guy friends. but... i really don't think that will happen, at least anytime soon.

thirdlyy.... people need to understand something about me if theyy are going to have a friendship, or relationship with me. i'm emotional. I  can sometimes get mad easily. I got mad at...the most recenttt.. ex boyfriend... a lot. i mean..ALOT. i mean, like, i've never just gotten mad at people that muchh, i don't know whyy it was just him;; like i wanted to get mad at him!  it was just little things that got on my nerves.  I got un-mad pretty easily. but still. and i can be sensitive, my feelings can kinda get hurt easily; and sometimes i cry alot. but that's just me. i'm thankful for taylor louise green, who can make me laugh and feel better about any situation. and madeline. and sometimes even elijah. those are the people that understand me, and know how i act, and how i'm gonna be emotional sometimes. and i'm really thankful for themmm. and i'm also thankful for nadine danielleee. she lets me talk myy mouthh off about anything and everything, she understands sometimes i just need to vent!! she's really good about just listening, and not judging, or cutting me off and lecturing. i mean, sometimes instead of advice, i just want people to listen, and actually listen! and she's my bestfriend that does that 100%, and you know she doesn't judge people.  soo yeahh. love them <3

 fourthlyy... this is long. i'm ready for tomorrow. logan will be outta iss, FINALLYYYYYY,  and i'll actually get to walkk with him and see him during the dayy. soo yayy(:   i've missed dat boi. 

yeahh. byee<33 



  2. Wow. You and I are a lot alike. And I didn't even realize it:) I'm also realllyyyyy emotional at times, but my friends and family are the best cuz the understand. It's nice to have friends like that.