Thursday, March 31, 2011

this sucks.

plan failed. today was not too good of a day, like i was so sure i was gonna make it be..
 well, at the beginning of the dayy, it actually started pretty good. I felt a little bit better about the situation**. And then me and nadine protesteddd for keeping our principal coachh stratton. that was fun/kinda lame. and we are prolly getting written up, but WUDDEVER, it was worthh it. I went to first period. I'm kind of got into an argument with one of my friends, okay my only friend, in that class. she was ticked off because i went to the protest and wasn't there with her. yeahhh.... well okayy, whatevss. So second period was good too, because i'm funnyyy in that class. i even make myself laughh(: haha. and plus my candy fantasylandscape is comin along prettyy good.  third period all we did was talk about the whole coach stratton thing and compared it to..... stuff that happened in history.. fourth period me and cailon presented our commercial for the extreme automatic clothes folder dryer 101. fifth period was lovely as always with jeannie and amber. sixth period is where my dayy when downhill fast. I reallyy hate being ignored and just purposely not talked to..yeah enough said. i really hung out withh no one person, i just kinda drifted around. i really felt un wanted today. Except when i told meridan "HEY MY ONION WATER BOTTLE!" when she came up to me when i was talking to some people. one of them happens to be her ex boyfriend, who tried to date me. He has this issueee. one day he'll be all "hey... i like you. meet me before school/this weekend?" the next day he'll straight up ignore me!! right now he's in his ignoring me stage, and the few times we did talk, it wasn't too friendly. ANYWAYYY. me and meridan call him onion water bottle.... i don't remember where onion part came from, even though we made it up yesterday, but water bottle, cuz he needs a dang water bottle. after every period he's sucking up water from the dang water fountain! hahaha. and when you pass him going to your class (meridan sees him before first, and i see him before third and eighth.) it creates AWKWARD moments!! SUPER AWK. yeahh. but when i called her that, she busted out laughing. and said she lovess me. i am loved.(: i got a lot of "ginger" comments. jealous people. hahaha. anywayyy....yeahh.
 he*(not onion water bottle...) and I didn't talk too much today. I didn't like it. at all. he called me over to walk with him and his friends on the way to seventh period, but we still didn't talk much. Seventh period i just wanted to go home. we disected. BLEH. Eighth period was entertaining. this junior dude made me laughh my butt off. he's funny as heckk. after eighth period i just wanted to get home ASAP. Yeahh. I went outside and listened to my ipod. 
i hope today just gets a tad bit better. if it getss worse...ughh.
i'm dressingg upp crutee tomorrow. <3 
this is long enough.
thanksss for anyone that cares 'nuff to read all this. 

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