Thursday, March 17, 2011

spring break. how fun??

Yeahh. We only have 4 more days left until the end of spring break. cool?? I kinda have an attitude right now, because im kinda upset/angry/disappointed about something, even though i should just let it go. we shall not elaborate on that, i'm going to focus on... positive things, and stuff thats been going on. 

Friday: Got home from school, cleaned, got my new converse, and Lori came over. Got in the car, drove and picked up Madeline's friend Alaina, and we went to the mall. Yes, I'm extremely bored, so i'm going to do what I did on my old blog again, and write all of the details. So, we went to the mall. wuttwut. Yeah, but only for a minute. and then, madeline & alaina went to build a bear. and I didn't get a new freakin phone. :( sad face. Positives. focus on the positives. well, we watched these awesome medieval sword fighters. it was disturbing, but very interesting. So, we went home, and watched the last exorcism and part of easy a. then we looked at my old scrapbooks of pictures of when i was a little girl. Then yeahh we went to sleep.

Saturday: Woke up. Just hung out for a little bit, and then we all went to d'casa and met my grandmother. not like met for the first time, just like met her there... me and l.p.o gave Luke GREAT* advice how to get/treat a girl. hahahahahahahahah. then we took Lori and Alaina home. After that, my grandmother took madeline shopping for her birthday. but i got some stuff too. (: Umm and got chickfila icecream.

Sunday: I don't rememberr anything reallyy important. Or fascinating. So we'll skip that day.

Monday: happy birthday madeline.(: we just did little birthday festivities, and i cooked some rice. once again, nothing amazing.

Tuesday: Dont remember that either...Wait.... no i don't. 

Wednesday: Was that yesterdayy?? WELL, I went and hung out with Kara and Ashley. we went to da mall, and tried on prom dresses <3 <3 as always. that is our TRADITION. some people are TRADITION STEALERS of our tradition. hahaha, no names mentioned.

Today: ...................... hopefully this day will get better. im babysitting tonight. $$$$$$$$ 

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