Friday, March 11, 2011

exams, random junkkk, and my sissyy(:

six exams down.
one exam left to go.
my human a&p test was unbelievably difficult.
everything else was pretty easy.
I just finished my world history test.
twenty minutes to the bell.
then i get to go to family dynamics, with lauren paige<3 hopefully we're working on our weddings(:
and also, tonight, nadine might be coming over(: my mom said i can have someone over to hang out and spend the night; go to the mall/movies/ eat whatever. So HOPEFULLY nadine danielle judeh can come((:
soo let's see. im bored. and i want to write alot.
last night i went to the mall.... yeah how cool right! I got some shirts(:
haha...and right now im wearing meridans converse(and she's wearing my purple toms) (: love emmm. i should be getting mine next week.
I feel like a piggg. im always eating in every single class. i eat peanut butter crackers everyday*(no lie, ask cailon;everyday.) in seventh period. YUM.
FIFTEEN More Minutes till da bell.
my computer is on 95% battery...awesome.
my bee eff eff taylor green is one row in front of me, to the right.
hey tayyyy.
lovely green shirt. and boots. your playing a gam in class. BAD GUH.
your elbow is on the world history book. that is RUDE. its just like putting your elbow on a table. learn some manners!!
soo.. i just checked my email.... and my lovely sister madeline  sent me an email.
btw...her birthday is in three days!!!!!!
13 years old baby!!(:
shes growing up so fast. andd ill be sixteen in may!
i rememberrr when we used to play barbies together for hours. that was pretty fun.<3
Anywayy, shes my little sister and i love her to deathh..and we borrow eachothers clothes a lot...and i'll do her makeup....and she'll help me straighten the back of my hair.
and we'll talk about guys..........and mean girls. and desperate girls. and the cutie seventh graders at her school.
but we'll also get in fights, and she'll kick me in the stomach, and i'll steal her hair curling gel, and we'll fight with chairs. but that's very rare.

we love eachother(:

Well, seven more minutes until the bell, so hasta livista. or however you spell it.


  1. HAHAHA i enjoyed reading that.....happy birthday to ME!!!

    I hope you LOVED THE EMAILS!


    Your favorite sister in the world,
    Madeline (Mad-a-Lin) just saying.

  2. and by the way I need a new blog profile. this one is kind of old..

  3. Haha awww. U r sweet to yo sista. Yeah... Autumn and I used to play dolls together too... And now I'm turning 13 and she's turning 19... Wow.:)

  4. HAHAH WOW thank you for telling everyone what i was do exactly!!!!!!