Saturday, January 22, 2011

stuckkk like glue(:

I am just too bored. Saturdays are awfully boring. Ha I don't have anything thatt* interesting to sayy today. I went to Las Margs with a few friends last night, then we walked to Bed, Bath and Beyond. We're cool. And super loud and hyper. Ha, it was fun.
And currently, facebook is working on my mac. I wonder how long that will last....
So yeahh. Haha, since I have nothing else to say, Im just gonna post random picturess(:

This is a picture of me and one of my closest friends, Amber. We've gotten alot closer this year, now that we have Geometry and lunch together. we kinda disliked eachother last year. UGH i cant get the pictures to line up correctly with the captions. So the first picture is me and amber. second one is of me and taylor g, my bestfran, my mayaaa, and the person im closest to. and thethird is just me(: haha


  1. yay! i can comment now, haha. these pictures of you are gorgeous! i love your hairrr.

  2. thankk you(: and thanks for pointing out that the comment thing wasnt working haha.