Monday, January 24, 2011

I was alonee in geometryyy:(

Ha so yeahhh(: I was toooo* bored in geometry cuz someone *coughambercough* WENT HOME. and  I was gonna blog, but coach hall's eyes were everywhere...sooo yeahhh.  
And here are some random pictures of me and amber rose estes(:

I <3 youuu(: 

So yeahhh.. right now im in human a&p. Ms allen is a super cool teacher. BUT I don't have any service in this class. Sooo i can like never text.....FAILLLL. soo yeah. im drinking this lemonade and its deluscious. (MIX of delicious and luscious.) Just like the chicken nuggets tia bought for me todayy(: ilovetiamabry<33 
Well, Im fixnna have to go.................. after this class I get to see Taylor and george....(:  im readyy to go outside, and swing and listen to my ipoddd. 
Welppp, Bye(:  


  1. hahahaha, lemonade. my water is way better.

  2. Lauren ostrander. my lemonade is scrumptious.
    ha, nadine your just random.