Sunday, April 10, 2011


I ramble WAYY to muchh about my life.time for SOME PICTURESSSS.

because he's a cutie.
because this was during the first week of school, and this picture makes me laughh.

because i like my hair in this one.

because yasmine gave me this piece of paperrrr. haha.

because i had on my new sunglasses and my build a bear(:

because i like thisss(:

because it was my sisters birthday andd that icecream cone thing was AMAZING.

because i look sad. haha.

because THIS is what we do in geometry.

because we're dumb.

becauseee its different and i like this one.

because she's my bestfrienddd and lets me borrow awesome books<3
because i used to think this picture was SO* cute.

becausee it's her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY(: i love you. 
because its us againnn. 

because i love this picture of nadine but she took it off of facebook,.....but i still have it on my mac;) teehe.


  1. hahahahaha, i like how you still have the last picture! and your cute. :) like seriously. i love the picture with you and the ice cream. adorable. <3 and i LOVE LOVE LOVE our first week of school pic. memories.

  2. and your brother looks like you in the face. he's gonna be a stud in the future.

  3. HAHAHA, I know I feel like a creeper for having it. AND THANK YEWWWW(: hahahaha, that picture of us is so embarassinggg for me.
    And he does?? haha I never noticed that.