Friday, April 1, 2011

friday, the final part.

   oh, hi there to anyone that reads my updates that i post about ten times a day! I'm trying to cut back. ha. but there's nothing else to do in class. I mean besides like....learn. but who does that? ahaha. 
SOOO, i'm in human anatomy and physiology. HARDEST.CLASS.EVER. 
Well, the tests are superr hard. i'm alone in this class right now. sad face. we did a tree map, and im done, and sitll have fourteen minutes in class. i'm ready to go home, and swing and listen to my ipod and get on facebook. and i have to clean too, but i'm not looking forward to that. 
this will be the last part of friday,i think. i don't believe that anything else will happen worthy of blogging about. 
  lunch was good. i felt wayy more social today. (: I talked to all my lovess, the people that make my life happy(:. I felt so bad for this poor girl though!! okay, so like she's kinda new at our school. when she first came, everyone thought she was a slut, and flirted with every guy. and she wears these skinny skinny jeans and highh boots alot. And then she died her hair green. that was a no. she's cute though, or she would be if her hair was just plain blonde, and she parted her hair. BUT ANYWAY, this guy, who calls me a soulless ginger(he loves me though :D), named Jordan, slapped wood glue on her face. Now me and meridan, and most other people in our lunch, have never liked her. but yeah, me and meridan saw her on the way to this class, and we asked her if she was okay, because she had stormed off when they put glue on her. she told us it was burning and her skin was like peeling. I felt really bad for her. I mean, I think she's a nice girl, so yeah, maybe we shouldn't have judged her. I plan on making an effort and being friendly to her. 
  I'm freezing. This class is always superrr* cold. But, luckily I only have six more minutes, and then i go to latin. even colder. and it goes by a whole lot slower!! my teacher, mr turner just stands in front of the class and tttalks. stop ttalkin that blahblahblahh, think you'll be gettin this, nahnahnah, not in the back of my car-ar-ar if you keep talkin that blahblahblahblahh.
mmkayy. i'm done now. 
  thanks for readingg. xoxoxoxo(: 
  byy da wayy... im exciteddd about my summer jobbbb<33 

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  1. Oh wow, that was a lot to read! Awww, that is so mean!Who is this girl?