Wednesday, April 6, 2011

these violent delights have violent ends.

i feel....desperate.
all i've been blogging about lately is him.
now if you don't wanna read thisss, don't. 
buttt..... im gonna talk about him some more(:

he texted me last night.
i felt like deathh.. well that is until he texted me.
i was texting one of my friends.
saying how i'd do anything, just for him to text me.
he sent me a sweet dreams text.
we talked for a while. he told me he wasn't a player and stuff, and maybe one day we can work something out. he said other things too. Then i told him i wanted us to talk regularly. i don't want it to be like we never met. and he said "of course hun, always." it made me happy. I was watching dear john while all this was going on. that did not help. 
anywayyy... right now i'm living for that day when we can maybe work things out. there are no other guys i like. surprising for me.
But chyeahh.... i'll write more about my day later. I gotta do some englishh homeworkk.


  1. AGREED WITH TAYLOR. haha jk. my phone died... ):

  2. bahahahahahahaha. I'm not emo(: