Thursday, September 29, 2011

DANGIT. why do i like you so much
.there is nothing special about him, katelyn.
 he's not that big of a deal. you can do better...ha yeah right i wish. 
this boy told me to fall for him cuz he wouldn't hurt me, cuz i've been hurt in the past. he said i couldn't be worried that he was gonna be like any past guys ive talked to, that broke my heartt. . wow what a lie. thanks pal. 
PLEASE let things work out tomorrow, please. please please.. i just want to dance with him or kiss him or hug him or talk to him and it be sweet and for us just to be great.  oh my gosh,  i want that so bad. he is so great. except all my friends hate him.... but i love that boy! pleasepleaseplease let things work out otomorrow. oh gah, please. im begging, how desperate.... 
if things aren't gonna work out.. i just at least want to get over him. to forget about him and not hurt and not cry. tomorrow will determine what happens. 

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