Sunday, September 25, 2011

baby imma be your motivationnn..

woww.. heyy. (:
this week has been quite amazing anddd eventful.
soo until thursday there were make up state tests. so for the people that didn't have state tests, we had to stay in first, second, third and seventh for fiveish hours. yeahhh...
monday i felt real sickk. i checked out after two or three hours of first period. i went home and layed in bed. then at four i went and got my macbookkk.
tuesday i checked in so i wouldn't have to stayy in english. english is horrible..
wednesdayy was third period, but i didn't stay for that long, cuz i went to meridan's class. then after school i went home with autumn. mcdonalds, walmart twice, the ballard park, hanging out with all those boys.. yes it was a veryy fun day.
thursday was seventhh period, luckily i have autumn in there.
 and fridayy was a normal day. meridan rode home with me after school then we hung out with autumn and james. i stayed the night with autumn. it was a crazy nightt... and i couldnt even begin to describe all we diddd. ha but yeah.  i love herr(:

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