Thursday, September 29, 2011

people i love...

i just wanted to write how muchh i love two people . i'll do more people on different dayss but today...

Autumn Weaver.
ohmygosh. this girl.she's my besttt* friend...she's the best of the best.  we just really got to know eachother this yearr, but she's real greatt. we are just alike. "reaal desperate". hahaa, we've been hanging out almost everydayy. we are going through the same situations**. weirdo people, especially guys, talk to us when we're together. they love us(::(:: it's real...interesting.  she's gorgeous, hilarious, sweet, creative and ahhmazing.
iloveyouautumnbottom,ab,and my shawtyyy awtyy. haa i just made that up(;

Taylor Green.
OHLORDDD. so we started being best friends in ninth grade. we were always together.we have so many insiders
*gravy and mashed potatoes, bi guy,  no butt, LESBIAN SMILE :] * haa. you never judge me no matter what i do,
ALL THE MIXED BOYS IN THE WORLD. what a great song we wrote. anyway, i love you dearlyy.

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