Friday, June 3, 2011

i miss my sister.
she's staying the night at her friend's housee.
i was beggingg her not to go.
she'll come home tomorrow, but i won't see her cuz i'll be at bay springs :D
is this lame/cheesy? I DONT CAREEE(:
i get lonely without her.

buttt we watched the roommate last night(:
it was myy second time seeing it. the first time.........haahahahahahahaha.
I rememberrr that night.
valentines weekend. #awkwarddd.
*now playing: the story of us- taylor swift(: *
"so many things that i wish you knew, but the story of us might be ending soon"
ohh, that song gives me memoriesss.
uhmm yeah.
the music video for that song?
Neither is the music video for mean.

watching youtube videos.
fun fun fun fun .

How to Get Taylor Swift Curls - Hair Tutorial

haha that's what im watching now.
WOO did the font get bigger?
this guhh is showing us all her products she uses on her hair 
"this is supposed to be for people with curly or wavy hair.  i have neither. and it works really well for me. again i don't know what science is behind it, but it works."
im done.

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