Saturday, June 11, 2011

random things i've realized/wondered/think about.

  • i realized, i've dedicated like half my blog to him.......and we don't even talk at all anymore. THAT's a bit embarrassing. hahaha, not saying i want to talk to him..but things change...
  • i wonder if people that used to care still look at my blog, or stalk my facebook profile occasionally. i want them to see, i've moved on and i'm happy. why i try to constantly prove myself to them, i really don't know. but i hate when people think i'm still hung up on them.
  • this summer is way* better than last summer, juss sayin.
  • and i just read my old posts.
  • and UGH!
  • do you get these bullet stupid points off?
  • thanks caleb for going to sleep early! :/

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