Friday, May 6, 2011


oh, hi. (:
well... today... was pretty great.
details? okayy.
first period: me and lori SEWED BUTTONS onto these patches of cloth. lololol, because if some experiences i had when i was homeschooled, i knew what i was doing. lori however....lets just say THATS EMBARRASSING. oh and btw.... "ohmygoddd..." bahaha.
second period: i painted. and talked to shareese.  then went to ms parkers room and talked to nadine, yasmine and kadie. funn((:
third period: watched presentations bub bulah bulah...
fourth period: had to read this freakin book pages 1-20, about the holocaust. veryy boring. oh, and hten elaborate on it! even better :3
fifth period: lets skip this.
lunch: yeah lets just skip to the end of the day.

so, after school, my parents went to d'casa/lukes baseball gamee.
and i stayed home and looked for myy stuff im missing for my macbook.
oh, and btw, guess who i go out with now??
caleb fairley.(:
the guyy i liked last year.
and no one is surprised that we go out noww. i wonder whyy...haha.
i'm reallyy happy.
amd i would post more.
but its 3 am and i need some sleep.


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