Tuesday, May 3, 2011


this day has gone by super quick. probably because for half of the day we were in third period; we went to third period first.  state testing week kinda sucks. but yeah, world history- ms hester. she's...different. she can be a really sweet lady, and i feel bad for her sometimes because no one* likes her. 
 my best friend taylor green is in that class. first ms hester put on some movie, swinger kids? or something like that. it was..depressing.yeah, it didn’t have a happy ending. but it was good and entertaining for the time.  but we got outta that junt at like 10:40, which is way earlier than i expected. i expected it to be like the other days this week and stay in there till like eleven or twelve.  
so yeahh. lunch was okay today I guess.  i lost one of my closest friends; im not really gonna elaborate on it.  what she's doing is REALLY not cute. JUST SAYIN. 
right now i'm in human a&p. my phones dead. ughh. and its raining. and COLD! i hate it. 

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