Saturday, May 21, 2011

my favorite month of this year-may. favorite week of may- this week.(:

this week has just been pretty great<3
i don't knoww how to describe it, but like nothings wrong. i have everything i want. and it makes me happy(:
mondayy: haha honestlyyy, i don't rememberrr. at all.
or tuesday. sorry.
wednesday: my official birthday. sixteen. oh yeah. i got checked out of school in fifth period, mommy came and picked me up and me, her, my grandmother and her friend, and my sister went to d'casa. it was pretty great. then me,madeline and my mom went to corner shoe store and shopped for a longgg time. about an hour later lori came over.(: we had a ton of fun. we went to olive garden, the mall(we ran around that junt. LITERALLYYY*) then went home. we went to sleep at like midnight...............-
"I feel like i'm doing a handstand on a checker."
"red or black"

"im just trying to be cute, living my life from day to day"

"Good thing you're not lauren and josh!"

"we have eight quarters to spare!!"

andd thursday we woke up and went to school. thursday was the best dayy of the year.
first period we were awesome as always. i got outta like ten minutes of second period. and found money on the ground. too bad someone******** took it  when i pointed it out. THX. third period we watched forrest gump. fourth, me cailon amy and nikki played scrabble. fun. NOT. fifth perioddd, i got outta geometry and went to lunchh. GREAT<3
and yeah. lori came home with me for about 2 hours after school.

friday: plans changed. alottt. things were worked out though, so its all good. (: i went to ihop with lori, and her lovely family<3 then we went back to their house and i stayed the night. silly girl, wouldn't sit on my feet <///3 i had to leave at like 8 on Saturday, which was today. actually techinically yesterday, since its midnight. but yeahh. i went to my job orientation.
withh this job man we're gonna be taking a field trip to the memphis zoo. and moreee. heckkyeahhh(: im pumped. AND i get paid.

tonights been prettyy good too.  im aboutt to go to sleep. i've been talking to my wonderfulll boyfrann, caleb fairley(lololol lil cf, cay cay). we made up stories and toldd them to eachother. they were pretty greatt. <3

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