Monday, May 16, 2011

                                                      my weekend?
pretty freakin fantastic.
friday: uhmm......... nothingg interesting i can remember. me and @Lauren Ostrander stayed on the phone for a while, telling storiess about experiences*. thats embarrassing....for us.
Saturday: my freakin sweet sixteen partyy. it was pretty greatt!! Ill post picturesss soon..or you can juss go on facebook.. AT 3:30 we picked up meridan. then we went to mi house. and waited till 4ish and Lori arriveddd. we all chilled and hung out, then everyone else came. it was pretty flippin fantastic. there was some drama********************************************** but ya know i didnt let it ruin anything. 
we played soccer.
girls against guys. me, ashley, demi and allie against luke, zach,elijah and caleb.
I was the girl goal scorer. UH OH. 
I was good. 
caleb kicked the ball over the fence.,and climbed and got it, and then got stuck. thats embarrassing for him!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
then me and demi jumped in tha pool. she stayed the nightt. allie was going to also, but she couldnt.
so yeahh, me and demi stayed up till 12 texting MIDGE 29 X) then went to sleep. she left around 11 the next day, and i called up lori on the telephone. we had a good conversation. we talked ALLLLLLLLL DAYYYYYY. literally. we had to go pee at the same time(DELIGHTFUL) and stayed on the phone will we took a shower. lololol but we couldnt hear eachother. FAIL. OH and now we say things at the same time "throw your hands up if you know that your a starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" hahaha. LOVEHER.<3

so yeahh. this has been a pretty good weekendd.  

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