Sunday, May 1, 2011

prettyy great weekend. just sayin.

so yeahh. this has been a pretty fun weekend. i really* don't want it to end, and have to go back to school tomorrow. But yeahh we only have like 3 more weeks? something like that.
Friday,  like i said, i stayed home from school. at about 3, kara and ashley invited me to go eat with them, cuz i was complaining about my boredness.well we went and ate at tellinis, then went back to their house. they changed their clothes, and we went to mcalisters for this fund raiser thing for their trip to honduras. me, kara and ashley stalked these creepy motorcycle dudes the whole time. it was entertaining. then, we went with kelsey to see prom. that was super* cute. we all four loved it. and it was funny, because whenever we would say "AWWW!!" or "ohhhhh!!" or clap, the rest of the theater would do it too. haha. i loved that.
yesterday,  i just kinda chilled for most of the day. it was peaceful. then at about 6, we went to eat with my moms dad. we dont see him that much, so yeah AWKWARD!! but jennifer meadows, my moms best friend, also came. i <3 her. she's hilarious. she came to our housee after too.
today, i'm gonna go with her to eat, and to this piano recital thing. and i have to get dressed up. like, not in jeans. i don't enjoy doing that, at all.
well ima go and start getting ready.

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  1. OHDANG. i meant to comment on this blog post about your weekend... oooops.