Friday, May 6, 2011

rude subs, rude girls.

Oh my.
Today, I had a rather embarrassing first period experience.
Luckily, I shared it with Lori. Otherwise, i'd probably drop out of school.
It was that...hurtful.
So, in first period everyday, me and lori talk.
the whole period. and we laugh loudly and make weird voices.
we're weird. but we don't really care what we do in that class, cuz there's no one in there we're trying to impress.
sorry we aren't perfect like you "BargaretBann".
But ANYWAY, it was just a normal conversation. We were talking about random stuff. BUT doing our work.
anyway, our sub tells us to shut up, and asked if we ever took a breath.
Everyone in the class busted out laughing, and were like "THANK YOU" "THE ONLY ONES TALKING!!" "yall talk so loud!" and looked at us.
now i had no idea.
I looked at Lori.
Then i found out they were talking about *US!*
we were both embarrassed.
"i was about to cry"
"me too!"
it was rough.
so then that sub was like "yall can talk!"
we ignored him.
rude</3 we wanted to make him feel bad. it was hurtful and harsh.
I dont like him.

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